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Alzheimer, discovered theinflammation
al brain
which triggers the most severe form of the disease, inducing the formation of toxic clusters. Therefore, a key player in the progression of Alzheimer’s disease has been discovered in a more severe form: it is a condition of inflammation of the brain (neuroinfiammazione) according to a patient study published in the journal Nature Medicine.

Rome, Alzheimer’s patient on the run from RSA as in the cult film “The centenary who jumped out of the window and disappeared”

Covid, “brain fog” among the long-term effects: research by the Alzheimer center

The Alzheimer’s Study

Conducted at the University of Pittsburg, the study suggests that acting to counteract the inflammatory state of the brain could one day treat or at least delay the course of Alzheimer’s. Inflammation of the brain is a phenomenon characterized by the activation of the immune cells present in the site, the cells of the microglia.

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