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the terrible discovery in the laboratory

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the terrible discovery in the laboratory

Everyone knows: smoking is bad, but apparently more than previously thought. In fact, the damage from smoking goes far beyond.

Several cigarettes accumulated together (Photo Freepik)


Smoking is bad, and we know it well. There are thousands and thousands of studies carried out over the various decades that confirm this, talking about how the abuse of cigarettes, cigars and anything else causes serious damage to health. The lungs, throat and respiratory system in general are involved in more detail.

In short, smoking is bad and it is well known. However, some more recent observations conducted by experts have shown equally worrying results that need to be taken into consideration. In fact, diseases can also arise in other organs that have nothing to do with the respiratory system.

A further reason to ensure that those who smoke, stop immediately. Or to change the mind of those who are approaching this completely harmful vice that does not involve anything good. Tobacco addiction involves only problems and no merit. You spend money on the purchase of cigarettes, vape and more, which could be intended for others. And you don’t realize the expense. In addition, the smoke leaves a stink that is sometimes unbearable on one’s person. But there is more.

Smoking is bad, and not just for the lungs: the terrible discovery

Representation of the harms of smoking
Representation of the damages of smoking (Photo Freepik)

Direct observations have confirmed that smoking is harmful also vision and the cardiovascular system. And people who do not smoke but who assimilate passive smoke are also exposed to danger. And it has been observed that those who assimilate as much “active” as passive smoke can be more subject to dry eye syndrome.

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It is a condition in which the eyes are not adequately moist, and this leads to burning and even blurring of vision. Which, however, in the long run, can also lead to blindness, especially if you have diabetes.

Uveitis also increases its chances of occurring among smokers compared to those who do not have this harmful habit. And as if that weren’t enough, there are studies that confirm that serious diseases also ariseand the kidneys, bladder, colon and liver, especially if alcohol abuse is associated with smoking.

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