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THERA-Trainer senso – the preferred training option for seniors as part of a research project

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THERA-Trainer senso – the preferred training option for seniors as part of a research project

Thursday, February 8, 2024, 3:18 p.m

The research project “AS-Tra” of the Department of Health Services Research Nutrition and Functionality in Old Age at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg is developing and evaluating an assistance system for the sustainable improvement of the nutritional and physical activity status of seniors, taking into account the transtheoretical model for behavior change.

Many older people suffer from deficits in nutritional and physical activity status, two elements that strongly influence each other and which often remain unrecognized for a long time in the context of standard health care. Measures such as physiotherapy and/or nutritional therapy often only take effect when deficits have already become apparent; physical training for older people is rarely coordinated with nutritional therapy interventions and psychological models for the sustainability of behavior change are rarely taken into account.

A good nutritional and physical activity status is the basis for the prevention of falls, which often result in the need for care or a reduced quality of life. A supplement to standard care therefore seems sensible in order to make it easier for older adults to optimize their nutritional and exercise habits or to stabilize them at a good level.

As part of the “AS-Tra” research project, a technical assistance system is currently being developed and evaluated using a user-centered approach involving older people aged 70 and over.

The system offers options for carrying out exercise and nutrition tests independently and thus for early detection of possible risks through two elements: a tablet-based app and a measuring and training station for independent use.

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The personalized intervention promotes healthy eating and exercise behavior by incorporating DiClemente and Prochaska’s transtheoretical model of behavior change, in which the content is adapted to the needs and goals of seniors.

Throughout the entire project period, possible approaches to implementing technical assistance in the healthcare of seniors will be discussed with relevant stakeholders from the healthcare sector in regular workshops. This is intended to ensure that the assistance system can be integrated into the existing healthcare system in the best possible way and is also considered sensible and usable by experts in geriatrics, nutrition and physiotherapy, for example.

Five possible training variants were discussed and tested with the participating seniors. The THERA-Trainer senso turns out to be the preferred training variant. The reasons for this included the playful and motivating approach of the training device for cognitive-motor training.

We are looking forward to further study results.

The background information and the complete video of the interim results can be found here:

You can find out more about THERA-Trainer at: www.thera-trainer.com

Under the THERA-Trainer® brand, medica Medizintechnik GmbH develops, produces and sells professional products and robotics-supported complete solutions for the lower extremities worldwide. THERA-Trainer transfers current scientific findings for all phases of neurological and geriatric rehabilitation into everyday therapeutic practice. Around 130 dedicated employees work with passion every day to set new standards and make “life in motion” a reality. With over 100,000 devices installed in over 70 countries, THERA-Trainer is one of the world market leaders. The family business was founded in 1990 and is based in Hochdorf, Upper Swabia.
You can find more information at www.thera-trainer.com

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