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Teresa Mannino: environmentalist and feminist monologue in Sanremo 2024

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Teresa Mannino: environmentalist and feminist monologue in Sanremo 2024

The Sicilian comedian spoke about nature from the Ariston stage

February 9 – 00:46 – MILAN

For her evening at the 2024 Sanremo Festival Teresa Mannino chose a monologue focused on the beauty and simplicity of nature in contrast with the corrupt human soul and at the same time incapable of truly evolving. The incipit, in fact, was: “We are in 2024 but we think like 2,500 years ago”, then he continued by quoting Protagoras to immediately point the finger at “the white, rich and Western man” because it is he who “is tailor-made of all things. But he has lost the measure and thinks that all other human beings are at his disposal.”

Teresa Mannino, men and animals

Teresa Mannino continued: “We must remember that we are human animals. The origin of life on the planet is common: 60% of our genetic heritage is the same as bananas. With monkeys it is 98%, but chimpanzees are keen not to let it be known.” And then he explained why man feels superior: “We feel superior because we speak, but animals or plants communicate in another way. Like us Sicilians who speak in dialect to a person from Milan or Turin, and then if he doesn’t understand Let’s say he’s an idiot.” And at this point you gave an example of a Sicilian saying that is absolutely incomprehensible to those who come from other regions. Then he continued: “Even if we wanted, these are expressions that cannot be translated. We have the same presumption towards other living beings. Baboons, for example, greet each other by squeezing their penises: in this way they manage to acquire a lot of information, such as age or willingness to collaborate. In the Old Testament Job says: ‘Question the animals and they will teach you'”.

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The “feminist” ants

Teresa Mannino found her guide animals: “I questioned the leafcutter ants, the most intelligent. They cultivate, they have huge anthills and in some rooms they grow mushrooms. They are the only ones in the world. They have been farming for 50 million years and have no ruined nothing, we were 10 million and we exhausted the planet. They were on Earth already at the time of the dinosaurs. They are very intelligent, so I thought let’s look at how their society works and copy. There is a queen mother and her daughters. She decides the sex of the unborn: the males are a minimal part, only for the continuation of the species. The males only have the role of providing the spermatozoa, which are stored in the queen’s spermatheca. The males make a nuptial flight once a year, and after mating they die because they are no longer needed. How advanced they are! They don’t have the problem of managing exes. Even the males are happy because their life was one great fuck.” And here is the difference with human males who, instead, “prefer power: over women, over children, over nature. I too like power, but the power to laugh and make me laugh. The power to dress in feathers pink and singing even if I’m out of tune. To dance in the street with my daughter who is ashamed.” Then the final comment: “I’m not willing to ignore the stories that have just passed: if it hasn’t passed, it’s not the time to move on.”

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