Home Health These harmful substances have been found in some mozzarella: here are which ones

These harmful substances have been found in some mozzarella: here are which ones

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These harmful substances have been found in some mozzarella: here are which ones

The recent case of the so-called “buffalo mozzarella bell DOP“, Produced with cow’s milk (and not buffalo milk !!),
damaged and treated with caustic soda to mask its acidity, it brings attention to food fraud.

It is absolutely necessary to distinguish between those that can have tragic consequences for our health and those that instead have a detrimental effect only for our wallet.
The first is health fraud that makes food substances harmful and threatens public health; they concern the treatment of foods with dangerous substances, or they “simply” have the purpose of masking the dangers present in food.

The addition of the methanol alcoholic beverages, the treatment of animals with substances that have hormonal activity, the sale of vegetables containing pesticide residues, the “washing” of dried fruit to eliminate the molds present, are just some of the examples of direct health fraud.

There are also indirect health frauds such as the treatment of meat and fish with substances capable of maintaining their original color, or changing the expiration date in order to “extend” the life of
perishable food; in such cases, the aim is to hide degenerative processes in progress.
But what are the harmful substances present in mozzarella?

To be able to talk about it, I will bring you one shock news which concerns the vegan mozzarella of the Vemondo brand, marketed by Lidl supermarkets: the product is a vegetable cheese made with rapeseed oil, almond and carob flour and it is the latter product that is subject to chemical risk.

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Tale chemical risk consists in the presence of unwanted chemical substances that are potentially dangerous for our body: in this case it is 2-chloroethanol or ethylene hydrochlorine, which is an odorless and colorless highly toxic liquid in excessive quantities that leads to serious damage to the health of the man.

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