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this is how the new exam will be – breaking latest news

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from Gianna Fregonara

The ministerial decree is on the way. Via the questions of general knowledge, online courses and free self-assessment tests. From 2023 a repeatable test in the last two years of high school

Aspiring doctors, breathe a sigh of relief. In order to pass the entrance test to the Faculty of Medicine it will no longer be necessary to be an expert in Mexican indigenous cultures. Last year there were those who ran into the trap of questions of general knowledge where among the definitions to choose also appeared the little-known female Zapotec adjective. Next September – when the competition with over sixty thousand candidates will take place for the last time – the questions of general knowledge will no longer be there, replaced by quizzes of logical reasoning and numerical reasoning, which will be followed by a second disciplinary part with physics questions. , chemistry, biology and mathematics. AND from 2023 everything changes: The programmed number remains, so the barrier to entry will not be canceled but it will no longer be a quiz, but a real path, which can begin as early as the fourth year of high school, with free online courses prepared by the Universities and tests of self evaluation. AND the test can be repeated several times in order to use the best score.

So will the first changes already take place this year?

The test of September 2022 will still be very similar to that of previous years. It will be face-to-face and on paper, but with some adjustments. The part of the questions of general knowledge will be reduced, those of logical reasoning remain and then the rest will be disciplinary. From next May, the universities will provide online material for the exercises that can be downloaded free of charge by students to prepare. And in August there will be real preparation courses, always online and free, run by the universities. Anyone who wants to can also take a self-assessment test, the result of which will only be available to the student himself.

All free for students, will there be funds for universities?

We will make funding available, but a lot of material already ready and available.

From 2023, however, the test changes completely. What are the main news?

There will no longer be the nightmare day of the competition. Each candidate makes his own path that leads him to take a Tolc exam, it will be called Tolc-Medicine. It can be done several times a year – I would say two but I’m open to discussing it – starting from the fourth year of high school. Then, on the date that the ministry will establish, everyone enters the best result in the platform and the national ranking will be formed. The places will be assigned according to the availability of the universities and the preferences indicated by the candidates, as is already the case.

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A personalized path and a ranking for everyone. What is the Tolc exam?

These are orientation and entrance tests that are already used for other courses by universities that have a limited number, for example engineering. Universities indicate the day in which the exam can be taken at their premises, the student arrives and takes the test on computerized stations. The questions will be different in each session, of course, but the results will be comparable.

Until the end, the student will not know if his score is worth him a place?

In any case, it will be possible to understand which band you are in and decide whether to repeat the test to try to have a better result. With the Moocs (online courses) and the courses that the universities will prepare it will be easier to find your way around.

How can you avoid copying, appeals, errors as happens almost every year, false results and even scams with such a complicated system?

Everything will be controlled: this system already works like this in many foreign and Italian universities.

The limited number remains, but will the places still increase?

We will calculate the needs with the Regions and the Ministry of Health, as every year.

Will this exam path also apply to other limited attendance faculties, such as veterinary and architecture?

likely, but for now we have focused on medicine that has the most requests.

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