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This is the complete list of dementia signs to watch out for (especially around the holiday season)

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This is the complete list of dementia signs to watch out for (especially around the holiday season)

The NHS has compiled a list of signs to look out for so you can spot the earliest symptoms of dementia praecox

L’NHS is giving advice on how to locate the dementia when you meet your loved ones during these festive days.

An easy way to tell family and friends that they can play a vital role in noticing the first signs of the disease over lunch or dinner.

Yes, because new environments or little-known homes could leave people with early dementia disoriented or even confused.

Experts have also advised to be careful of those who forget the names of loved ones, or if gifts are forgotten.

In addition, the NHS has set up a new specialist service being trialled across England; meaning care home residents will be proactively assessed through 14 new pilot schemes across seven regions, costing £900,000.

Doctors will share a list of nursing home residents without a dementia diagnosis.

Staff will check whether the people listed have memory problems, before offering them a face-to-face assessment.

The clinical director of the NHS England for dementia, Professor Alistair Burns said:

The pandemic has naturally impacted the number of people diagnosed with dementia, with older adults seeing fewer people to protect themselves from Covid-19.

So if you’ve noticed over the holiday period that someone has symptoms, you should encourage them to visit their GP for an assessment – ​​the sooner symptoms are identified, the quicker the NHS can help and treat the patient early.

The experts ofAlzheimer’s Society they stated:

Diagnosing dementia is critical to unlocking the right care and support. We are delighted that NHS England is prioritizing the diagnosis of people in care homes through this initiative.

For this, a complete list of the signs to watch out forespecially during the Christmas holidays:

  • confusion in a new environment, meaning that people with the disease may feel disoriented or confused when in a new place.
  • forgetting the names of loved ones to the extent that it causes embarrassment.
  • being in a relative’s home where the layout is unusual could test a person’s memory and orientation.
  • forget a gift.
  • forgetting to turn on the oven or cooking things in the wrong order.
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Source: NHS

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