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Tips and tricks to cool off on hot and muggy days (the first will amaze you)

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Tips and tricks to cool off on hot and muggy days (the first will amaze you)

The heat is always more suffocating, the cities are hot and every day we look for some “trick” to try to cool off inside and outside the home. Here are some simple and inexpensive tricks that you can use to fight the heat.

In addition to the usual advice to eat fruit and vegetables in abundance, do not go out during the hottest hours of the day (if possible), cover a hair and always keep water at hand. what can we really do to cope with the great heat? Here are some things you may not have thought of …

Drink warm water

Drink water, of course! But you know that it would be better to drink warm or warm water to quench your thirst first? It is no coincidence that in countries where it is warmer, people drink mainly water and other hot drinks (such as tea) just to promote proper hydration and not be thirsty. But the benefits of drinking hot water are many more, you can find them all here.

Foot bath

Especially after a heavy day where maybe you have been on your feet a lot and had to face the great heat, a foot bath can be decisive. It serves not only to cool but also to deflate the ankles improving circulation. Salt, bicarbonate and essential oils can be added to the warm water to make the experience even more relaxing. Here you find our tips for a perfect foot bath.

Spray rose water

To cool down quickly, you can always keep it in your bag or on your desk while you work (thus avoiding turning on the air conditioning) a sprayer to nebulize water or better still rose water, fragrant and refreshing. If you want to use it for this purpose, you can prepare it at home and then store it in the refrigerator to increase its freshness. Follow the rose water recipe that we propose here.

Hot water bottle filled with ice

Another idea is that of refresh the wrists, neck or other areas of the body using the traditional hot water bottle but in this case filled with ice (crushed or chopped if the opening does not allow you to insert cubes). If you don’t have a hot water bottle, you can use the same system using a shopping bag.

Ice in front of the fan

If you have fans in your house you can use a simple trick to put them in in front of a container with water and ice cubes so that the loose air increases in freshness. However, avoid doing this at night while you sleep.

Refreshing drinks

In addition to hot water, we can help hydrate the body by choosing some drinks that can fight thirst, heat and dehydration. These are in particular water and mint (homemade not from ready-made syrup full of sugar!), Mint tea, karkadè, coconut water, tamarind juice. You can find other refreshing drinks here. Take them with you even outside the home in a thermos.

Aloe gel

Rather than the usual moisturizer that is particularly annoying when it is very hot you can prefer the use of aloe gel, definitely more refreshing. This gel has a moisturizing but also soothing power, so it is perfect to spread on skin reddened by the sun or irritated but also on insect bites.

Dress in light colors

Especially if you are away from home, avoid dark clothes that “attract” the sun. Better choose clothing that is light, fresh, light and non-tight. Particularly recommended material is cotton but also hemp or linen which allow the skin to transpire thus maintaining the body temperature in the right levels. Outside the home, wear a hat and sunglasses.


A nice sense of refreshment is also offered by popsicles, especially with mint, lemon or green tea flavors. You can prepare them at home without added sugar following our recipes.

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How do you cool off when it’s very hot? Do you have other “green” systems to suggest?

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