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Umbria the big problem for family doctors. What doesn’t work

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Umbria the big problem for family doctors.  What doesn’t work

Umbria Faces Challenges in Family Doctor Shortage

Umbria, a region in Italy, is currently facing challenges in the field of general practice, particularly in the shortage of family doctors. Compared to other regions in the country, Umbria has lost more family doctors but has the fewest ‘overbooked’ doctors. Many of the region’s general practitioners are elderly and are set to retire soon, with few new doctors entering the profession.

According to recent data, between 2023 and 2028, 24% of active doctors in Umbria will retire. The region has already lost 14% of its general practitioners, higher than the national average. This trend is concerning, especially as the number of patients per doctor has been increasing over the years. Additionally, young medical students have limited exposure to the profession of family medicine during their university studies.

The current training program for family doctors in Italy has been criticized for being outdated and not providing essential skills needed for modern medical practice. There are calls to transform family doctor training into a specialized program to attract the best graduates and improve the quality of care offered. Young family doctors are eager to learn new technologies and telemedicine practices to better serve their patients.

To address the shortage of family doctors and improve the quality of care in Umbria, it is crucial to update the training program, make the profession more attractive to young doctors, and ensure that there are enough resources to support the healthcare system. The region’s reliance on elderly doctors and the lack of new entrants to the field highlight the urgent need for action to address these challenges.

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