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Understanding cancer patients better |  Nachrichten.at

How doctors convey the message of a serious illness and communicate with patients remains in the memory forever and is often crucial to understanding the disease. “That’s why it’s so important for doctors and nurses to understand what makes patients tick. What needs do they have? The religious, cultural and social backgrounds of the other person play an important role in all conversations,” says David Fuchs, head of the palliative care ward at the Order Hospital of Mercy Sisters in Linz.

This topic is also the focus of the congress “Influence of culture and language on the treatment of cancer patients”, which will take place from October 6th to 7th in Linz.

Cultural change, status, religiosity and diversity are interwoven concepts that are of immense importance not only socially, but also in the treatment of cancer, says congress organizer David Fuchs.

“We want to understand our patients better – we want to know which rituals are important to them and what the pictures of illness and healing look like in different cultures. The image of God can also play a role – it can be helpful, comforting, but also destructive.”

The Linz oncologist David Fuchs was able to recruit an actress as a speaker, as well as pastors, psychologists, nursing experts and doctors from various disciplines.


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Barbara Rohrhofer

Head of Life and Health Editorial Team

Barbara Rohrhofer

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