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Understanding Emotional Hunger and How to Address It

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Understanding Emotional Hunger and How to Address It

Sudden Hunger: Could It be Emotional?

Throughout the day, many of us experience sudden spikes of hunger. But did you know that these cravings might not be due to physical hunger, but rather emotional hunger? According to experts, emotional hunger can be caused by chronic stress, whether it be emotional or work-related.

Gabriela Pineda, a clinical and functional nutritionist, explains that stress is considered the epidemic of the 21st century and can often lead to emotional hunger. This type of hunger is associated with high-carbohydrate foods and can often be mistaken for physical hunger.

Pineda also notes that emotional hunger is felt in the throat and makes you crave something specific, such as potatoes or a dessert. In contrast, physical hunger is felt in the stomach and is a general hunger for any type of food.

To combat emotional hunger, experts recommend taking breaks in your activity, not indulging in excessive cravings, and consuming water or infusions as a distraction for the palate.

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