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Unvaccinated health personnel. In Romagna they are 2020. Carradori (Ausl): “by the end of August, complete all checks and apply the Decree”

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As of June 13, 2020, out of 20658, the health workers of the Ausl Romagna “susceptible” to Sars Cov 2 infection. Almost 6 months after the start of the vaccination campaign, 90.2% of doctors underwent the vaccination, nurses, social health workers, pharmacists, veterinarians, and Ausl Romagna managers.

There are 2020 subjects not yet immunized, i.e. neither vaccinated nor immune for previous covid, of which 905 nurses (out of 10516), 340 doctors (out of 4079), 262 administrators (out of 475). What the health company must check is the motivation: staff no vax “on principle” or really unable to get vaccinated for health reasons?

“We have clear national regulations and regional indications – comments Tiziano Carradori, general manager Ausl Romagna – . At present, the health care company has fulfilled the preparatory phases and that is to communicate to people who were not yet vaccinated to justify the reasons, or to have booked for the administration of the neighbor “.

“The communications were delivered and we received, in some cases, replies with generic statements from general practitioners regarding the inability of those concerned to be vaccinated for health reasons – continues the general manager -. On this issue, a regional circular has been issued which identifies those which are places of second instance where the conditions declared unsuitable for vaccination by the treating physician can be merged with the employee. In the circular itself, where there are no health reasons acceptable, it is envisaged to order colleagues and collaborators to present themselves to comply with the vaccination obligation “.

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These are lengthy procedures, since the Ausl has received the list of names and therefore must contact not only its own personnel but also the operators employed outside the company, personnel who by decree are required to be vaccinated.

“Overall, the percentage of vaccinated people is high, among doctors and nurses – Carradori points out -. There was an inductive effect on the part of the Decree and those who were undecided chose to get vaccinated. It is clear that although the level of vaccinations is high, it is not exhaustive ”.

What the decree provides: in case of ascertained lack of vaccination, the decree provides in fact “suspension from the exercise of the health profession and the performance of work by health professionals. The suspension is effective until the vaccination obligation is fulfilled and in any case until December 31, 2021. During the suspension period, no salary or other remuneration or emolument is due. The employer can in any case assign, if possible, the worker to equivalent or inferior duties with the corresponding salary “.

In reality, the problem of “what happens to healthcare personnel who refuse to get vaccinated?” Has another issue in the background: assigning the worker to another job entails the difficulty for the company to find where to transfer him and therefore find who to put in his place. . in conclusion the internal climate must also be managed, avoiding triggering conflict situations which would risk having repercussions on the service. To give an example: the vaccinated colleagues, who have respected what is indicated by the decree, risk being loaded with more work or perhaps not being able to go on vacation, while the colleague who did not want to vaccinate, simply moved to less tiring activities.

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Compared to the whole issue, which is not easy to manage, Carradori has set himself a goal: conclude all the procedures, with the respective checks and the application of the provisions of the decree, by the end of August. In short, having closed the circle, with the documentation of the general practitioner who certifies the reasons why the subject cannot be vaccinated; documentation passed and evaluated in the second instance and finally the decision regarding the move to another job or suspension without pay.

Another issue, in the August agenda of the general manager Carradori, is the transfer of the Ravenna vaccination center, from Pala de Andrè to the Esp. In May, when the Ausl Romagna announced the news, there was talk of starting the vaccination activity in the via Bussato area within the first 15 days of August.

The vaccination hub will be transferred to an area of ​​about one thousand square meters, built in 2017 during the expansion works of the Exp. A smaller area than the Pala de Andrè and with lower running costs, albeit served by a large car park. “The works go on with the preparatory formalities necessary to make the area operational in the times already announced – assured Carradori -. The offices in charge are in contact with the ESP management and I understand that everything is proceeding according to the program ”.

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