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Uwe Klemens honors commitmentOn Children’s Hospice Day: vdek association chairman thanks volunteers

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Friday, February 9, 2024, 10:33 a.m

(Berlin) Children’s Hospice Day takes place nationwide on February 10th. On this occasion, Uwe Klemens, chairman of the Association of Replacement Funds, would like to thank. V. (vdek), all people who volunteer in hospice work for children and young people. “Volunteers make an invaluable contribution to outpatient and inpatient children’s hospice work,” explains Klemens. “They help wherever possible and strengthen the affected children and young people and their families in their extremely difficult situation. They deserve our express recognition for this.”

The specially trained volunteers often accompany the children and young people for many months or even years and take on a variety of tasks. In addition to mental support, they help those affected to cope with everyday life, help with homework or go on trips together. The aim is always to enable the children to live a dignified and largely self-determined life.

vdek-Hospizlotse supports the search for suitable offers

At www.hospizlotse.de, the replacement funds operate an information service with which those affected can find outpatient or inpatient hospice offers in their area. The database lists 21 children’s hospices with a total of 188 places and 332 hospices for adults with 3,500 places nationwide for inpatient care. The website also offers a wealth of information about hospice and palliative care.

Broad support from replacement cash registers

Statutory health insurance (GKV) supported outpatient hospice work with around 112 million euros in 2023. Of this, the replacement funds contributed 46 million euros or 41 percent. In addition, vdek experts are constantly working in professional circles to further develop and improve the content of children’s hospice work. Every two years, those involved professionally and voluntarily exchange ideas at a nationwide children’s hospice forum.

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About Children’s Hospice Day

Children’s Hospice Day has taken place annually on February 10th since 2006. People all over Germany use the symbol of the “green ribbons” to draw attention to the situation of children, adolescents and young adults with life-limiting illnesses and their families.

The Association of Replacement Funds e. V. (vdek) is the advocacy group and service provider for all six replacement funds, which together insure more than 28 million people in Germany:

– Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), X: @TK_Presse


– DAK-Gesundheit, X: @DAKGesundheit

– KKH Commercial Health Insurance Fund, X: @KKH_Politics

– hkk – Handelskrankenkasse, X: @hkk_Presse

– HEK – Hanseatic Health Insurance Fund, X: @HEKonline

The Association of Replacement Funds e. V. (vdek) was founded on May 20, 1912 under the name “Association of Commercial Registered Relief Funds (Replacement Funds)” in Eisenach. Until 2009, the association operated under the name “Association of Employee Health Insurance Funds”. V.” (VdAK).

The association’s headquarters with more than 300 employees is in the federal capital Berlin. In the individual federal states, 15 state representations in the state capitals with over 400 employees and more than 30 employees in the care bases ensure the regional presence of the replacement funds.

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