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Valentina Ferragni one year after cancer: the importance of prevention

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Valentina Ferragni one year after cancer: the importance of prevention

It all started with a very small lump that appeared on his forehead and remained there for many months. Then more thorough examinations had revealed a much more serious truth. Today, one year after diagnosis and surgery, Valentina Ferragni she recalled that difficult time with a lengthy Instagram post that is together one reflection on the disease but also a message of hope and a warning: prevention is the most important thing we can give ourselves.

Valentina Ferragni, one year after the tumor

“Here I am exactly one year later the removal and diagnosis of basal cell carcinoma on the forehead”, so began Valentina Ferragni in her post shared on social media. A balance sheet, if we can define it that way, after so many months that now seem like centuries. Dealing with the diagnosis of a disease it’s never easybut it’s even more so when you’re young and full of energy and never in the world could you expect to hear such discouraging words from the lips of doctors.

What saw her as the protagonist was a rather rare event: a very small cyst on her forehead which at the beginning sweet Valentina thought it was a simple cyst, easily removable, after more in-depth examinations it turned out to be “a basal cell carcinoma, a malignant tumor localized in a specific area, not the most dangerous for health, but for the skin”. And it was the first time that doctors had seen this particular type of tumor in such a young subject, being typical of people aged between 50 and 60 years.

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“I admit that find out about having cancer at 28 was not a walk in the park – continued Valentina Ferragni in her last post – but everything that happened after was really crazy”. And it is precisely here that all the sensitivity of the influencer emerges, aware of having overcome something that could have put her health at risk but at the same time aware of the weight that a year ago her words could have on the many followers who follow her with love.

Valentina Ferragni, the importance of prevention

“Infuencer” is a term that we hear so many times now that we almost got bored. Yet with her words Valentina Ferragni, a young woman but from great sensitivity and intelligence, with his last post he reminded us of its deepest meaning: “influencing” people, exactly, but in the right way. Be aware of the weight that your words have and use them for the good of others.

There’s nothing wrong with showing followers your dream vacation, or even just a wonderful evening in the company of your sisters Chiara and Francesca. All of those moments of ordinary happiness which give us the impression that these influencers are not “mythological beings” after all. But also the opposite: just think of the “not” moment that Valentina has experienced very recently, when she announced that she had broken off the relationship with her historical boyfriend, Luca Vezil.

Maybe it’s just a drop in the ocean, but even that infinitesimal sphere of water can be helpful to others. Valentina Ferragni wrote that she was happy because “knowing that in my small way, by telling my story, the ‘symptoms’ and the diagnosis of cancer, I was able to help even just one person in this world is truly something I am proud of. This is how social networks should be used: to help, to raise awareness, to lend a hand even to just one person on the other side of the screen”.

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Sweet Valentina is grateful for all of this, in knowing that she has contributed to launching an important message, especially among the younger ones. When you are twenty you feel like you are the masters of the world, unbeatable and indestructible. But that should never distract from the importance of prevention: “Don’t take a trifle about our bodies for granted. Don’t wait and go see a doctor right away. Prevention and doctors save lives”.

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