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Virtus turns the page. Zappi: “Wrong race. Now down to the gym”

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Virtus turns the page.  Zappi: “Wrong race. Now down to the gym”

Virtus Imola Suffers Defeat After Three Consecutive Victories

After a string of three victories, Virtus Imola faced a tough defeat against Lumezzane. The yellow and black team couldn’t secure their fourth win, leaving coach Zappi to reflect on the team’s current situation.

“We must not lose sight of what our situation was,” commented coach Zappi. “Since February 7th, we have faced many challenges. We were without Valentini and Alberti, and despite the emergency, the team managed both impressive victories and defeats. This situation has drained our energy, with some players seeing increased playing time. Eventually, we will pay for these aspects.”

Analyzing the match, coach Zappi noted that the team was not mentally prepared for Lumezzane’s aggression. “It was a subdued match and we weren’t ready for their intensity. We must now focus on improving and uniting as a team.”

Looking ahead, Coach Zappi emphasized the importance of maintaining focus on the ultimate goal of securing 13th place for survival. “After the defeat, we still have a six-point advantage in the play offs. Each player must remain concentrated as we sprint towards the end of the regular season.”

“The tables must be made by those who deal with statistics,” Coach Zappi added. “We must approach each match like a cyclist preparing to sprint, keeping our heads down and focusing on the task at hand. Only after crossing the finish line can we assess our position.”

As Virtus Imola looks towards the remaining matches of the season, the team is determined to bounce back from this defeat and secure their spot for survival in the league.

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By Antonio Montefusco

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