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Week of Seeing 2023 – nationwide information campaign from 8.-15. October

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Week of Seeing 2023 – nationwide information campaign from 8.-15.  October

week of seeing

Bensheim (ots)

“Eyes as a window to the world” – this is the motto of the Week of Seeing 2023. As part of the action week, organizations in eye medicine, self-help and development cooperation invite you to numerous events from October 8th to 15th. Together with TV journalist Gundula Gause as patron, they want to draw attention to the importance of good eyesight, the causes of avoidable blindness and the situation of blind and visually impaired people in Germany and the poorest countries in the world. The wide range of offers ranges from specialist lectures to exhibitions of technical aids and advice for affected people to inclusive theater performances and campaigns in schools. This year, Sight Week is developing a board game for elementary schools.

The Partners of the Week of Vision take up the motto of the year “Eyes as a window to the world” with the following three focal points.

Eyes as a window to the world – and to your own health

Eye doctors can prevent or even reverse vision loss. However, they do not only help when it comes to eye diseases. With an expert eye and supported by state-of-the-art technology, they often also recognize general diseases such as diabetes mellitus or high blood pressure, even before serious damage has occurred and before the patient is aware of it. If necessary, countermeasures can be taken here by changing one’s lifestyle, or at least treatment can begin in the early stages of the disease.

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Eyes as a window to the world – see with all your senses!

The sense of sight seems indispensable to most of us. With blind people, however, other senses take over the perception of the world. They explore their environment by hearing, touching, but also smelling and tasting. You “see” with all your senses. Self-help organizations support blind and visually impaired people in coping with their everyday lives and also broaden the perspective of sighted people by raising awareness of the situation of those affected.

Eyes as windows to the world – when children finally see

With 17 million people affected, cataracts are the most common cause of blindness worldwide. It not only occurs in old age, children are also affected. However, this eye disease is curable – through surgery. However, many families in the poorest regions of the world cannot afford this operation. That is why development cooperation partners help people in the Global South by financing eye operations, training ophthalmologists and supporting hospitals. During the Week of Seeing, under the motto “Eyes as a window to the world“, they explain what it means for people in the poorest regions of the world to be blind.

The partners of the week of vision

The Week of Seeing is supported by the Christoffel Mission for the Blind, the German Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired, the Professional Association of German Ophthalmologists, the German Committee for the Prevention of Blindness, the German Ophthalmological Society, the German Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Studies and Work, and of PRO RETINA Germany. It is also supported by Aktion Mensch and Carl Zeiss Meditec.

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Our service for you

From July 2023, you will find extensive press materials on eye diseases, preventive care, therapies, aids and more at www.woche-des-sehens.de. We would be happy to support you with reportage topics and put you in touch with interview partners.

Press contact:

Focus on “Blindness and visual impairment in Germany”:
Volker Lenk
E-Mail: presse@woche-des-sehens.de
Tel.: 0163 / 486 30 34

Focus “Ophthalmology”:
dr Andrea Lietz-Partzsch
E-Mail: presse@augeninfo.de

Focus on “Blindness and visual impairment worldwide”:
Marion Muhalia
E-Mail: presse@cbm.org
Tel: 06251 / 131-341

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