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I recently discovered the wasp on the fresh tofu on a colourful, mixed website by chance – so someone had found the motif interesting and “kidnapped” it without further ado. The headline contained the translation of the motto of this page: “Diet Health“, for which I found the information that “être amaigri(e) par qc” can be translated as “to be emaciated by sth”. A (strict or lax) “Regime‘ has to do with ‘leadership’ and ‘government’ – the French add the meaning ‘diet’ right away, and while drinking they naturally encounter those present, the families of those present and the Health – with a cheerful “Santé” or “À vôtre santé” (To your health).
This means that the Fressnet motto “Weight Loss Diet Health” appears in a different light when we look at e.g. B. ask what kind of regime really rules us and whether it does it efficiently and optimally.

The question of the situation in the Bavarian state government distracts from (the) personal problems and conflicts, which you have to allow if necessary:

In individual cases, the problems of post-war society with coming to terms with the past could overwhelm the “pupils”. Their memory and attention deficit corresponds to the confusion of “pamphlet” and “flyer” – the assumption that a typewriter was suitable for the series production of leaflets or was used would still be questioned.
It will have been one, whether Herbert, Helmut or Hubert, they stick together, only the transparency suffers, the cards have to be on the table, and without a clean table “everything” remains foggy, without “purification” there is still the beer tent with brass music, that is also a tradition.

That “the Söder den Aiwanger”

“… like the director of the Burkhart-Gymnasium in Mallersdorf-Pfaffenberg called in and showed him where the red lines are”,

is an unconscious re-enactment, but does not endanger the coalition. However, the compulsion to repeat (?) hinders innovations, Aiwanger is committed to the car “like an economics minister”, while there are no comparable concepts with alternative means of transport and the comprehensive promotion of future energies requires much more research, for example on toroidal wind turbines.

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In the afternoon, an “apologetic” statement was on the agenda, in the evening, in the beer tent, A. gives a speech without going into the “flyer affair”, is celebrated as a humanist who is alien to denunciation, and arguments about his are pouring in from all directions Defense. Impressive is probably the ex-Twitter, now X-question whether

the unpixelated distribution of the ugly anti-Semitic pamphlet that (almost) nobody knew before, no hate speech [sei]?

Behind this is probably the desire for the text analysis to be pixelated, or for a deep hermeneutic investigation to be censored

Little rascals read differently!

In addition to the great gladiators, there are still inconspicuous fringe existences with at least the same right to exist.

Diättipp to go

The other day I found a diet tip, asked him if he wanted to come with me: I agreed to the tip, and that I would demonstrate it:

6 Fun:
– no snacks
– extensive renunciation of industrial sugar (no sweets!)
– Reduction of carbohydrates

6 Fun:
– no migraines

to minimal
– 8 to 10 kilos less (depending on the state of aggregation)
– better quality of life

I didn’t think so!

So it’s actually the case that normal people also have something to say and something to say – the “celebrities” tend to produce self-adulation, political advertising or propaganda, and because politics always knows more enmity than friendship, there are these show and serious power struggles .

However, there are indications that the average citizen tends to be led, to be led, to seek “good advice” from experts, at least from “above”. There is an oversupply in the diet market:

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Anyone who wants to orientate themselves on such fat burner books is betrayed and sold, and those who only think of grilling as the highest or obligatory pleasure when it comes to “nutrition” are sold too. The topic of “advice versus counseling” is embarrassed and needs treatment 😉 .

In the diet, nothing works without certain limits and rules, which should be clearly understandable, concise and accepted. Anyone who only needs and follows a nutrition plan does not need diet advice.

More effective than the communicative “one-way-counselling” should be the dialogically experienced search for advice with desired reciprocity between therapist and client or coach and coachee.

Would I e.g. For example, ordering someone the vegan tempeh hamburger with fried mushrooms and onions could end up being stupid.

Some new things first have to be presented “cumbersomely” – the bratwurst grill faction has it easier, but still has to constantly add advertising (the budget is more than enough) and in Bavaria they have the role model of the prime minister and his “personal photographer”. The image search “Söder grillt” delivers almost endless results…

The well-to-do barbecue orgies are ultimately a displacement mechanism. One closes one’s eyes to the existing food poverty – that’s such a difficult concept that nutrition experts organize congresses about it, like climate experts about carbon dioxide.
“Poverty affected – yes, but not directly in our country” is the murmur in those circles looking for relaxation, who are as passionate about the occasional meatless meal as they are about going without a car.

want on this front Hubsi und Makkus not to be seen as outsiders, and so they are forced to serve as the role models and focal points of a grandiose Cockaigne simulation, and the main motto is “as long as we’re fine!”

Changing folklore means: the times when the dream team could still dance the Schuhplattler are over, the tarantella no longer wants to succeed either – now, I promise, the flyer will come.

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Dan Pfiat Eana!

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