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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » Enough is Enough – Desiring and Frugality

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Weight Loss-Diet-Health » Enough is Enough – Desiring and Frugality

In the fairy tales there are regularly the “times when that Wish still helped”, while today advertising promises that our wishes will come true, and very few are perfectly happy. If necessary, winning the lottery should help, but the view that one only has to wish intensely enough for what is to come true corresponds roughly to the childish belief in the effectiveness of thoughts, the belief in the “omnipotence of thoughts”. .

Children’s belief is also referred to as “magical thinking”: So there is an idea of ​​the power of thoughts that change “reality” in a way that is not quite understandable, which has a downside, because the circumstances also exercise power in which In any case, the idea, for example, that only a few pounds overweight separates us from the happiness of health (or perfection).

The fairy tale of the stone mason in “Japanese Fairy Tales – Karl Albrecht Heise (Complete Audio Book)” picks up on our tendency to find the next, larger one when one wish is fulfilled, similar to our fairy tale “The Fisherman and His Wife”; the explanatory fairy tales ultimately stand for the reality principle, even when they address irrational desires, dreams and fears.

Seen in this way, the “power of the body mass index” can become entangled with the belief in magic, with fantasies of omnipotence but also of powerlessness; “My (so far unachieved) target weight will make me happy”.
Or alternatively a high score in a video game, another example of the luck that a powerful goddess (here: Fortuna) grants us or not.

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So we have “Mythical Explanatory Patterns” for luck and bad luck, the coincidence is taught and explored, just like the primal beginnings of “everything”. In doing so, the Church explains everything with an inexplicable Creator who took rest on the seventh day and has a representative in the world who is even “kind of political” but has little to do with the progressive masses

While the churches… are green today, much of the current ecology movement is religionless. creation spirituality has become an important aspect of church life; Religious traditions with their preference for “less instead of excess”, with their positive evaluation of frugality, their fight for justice do not have an attitude-forming effect in the new ecological movement, at least not explicitly. (From: Claudia Kohli Reichenbach: Green Spirituality – Searching for Traces in the Ecology Movement, In: “God in the climate crisis„)

Let’s assume there is a tension between the attitudes of “enough is not enough” and “Christian frugality”: Which side would be more attractive, “more correct”?

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