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The coach is a kind of guide or navigator, not directly a coachman, leader or driver, but must be familiar with the art of releasing the energies and ideas of the customer, the “coachee”, as a helper in self-help, in a supportive and empathetic manner , writes a coach tired of gendering.

Whether and to what extent growth, prosperity, blossoming, perception and so on become the subject of coaching: why not?

Before Traps in the coaching business warns the magazine from Web.de – what is apparently meant above all is financial coaching with spectacular mass events, at which motivation and ability to generate huge sales and income would or should be conveyed, multi-level and increasingly expensive the further one gets – but each pyramid only has one Top, how should several top positions be filled with this geometry?
It is also questionable which training preceded this, particularly to note:

A good coach will agree with you what to work on and where the coaching process should lead, but makes no promises of concrete results. For example, that would mean: The goal “client wants to achieve a thoughtful attitude towards money and income that makes sense in practice” is okay, the goal “100,000 euros net next year” is a no-go.

What that means when applied to “weight loss coaching” is a question that everyone can answer for themselves. In addition, the often self-taught training cannot be verified with any certificate, so personal credibility depends on “appearance” and behavior –

“Would you let a dentist treat you with bad teeth? Or from a marriage counselor who is divorced for the fourth time? Accordingly, our readers should also be able to trust that we ourselves are at least striving for what we … stand for. But that is precisely why one should not set the standards too high, but instead always reckon with one’s own weakness of will.”
(Interview with Susanne Schwarz: Arnd Pollmann, July 24, 2023 TAZ)

The gut feeling can help decide for or against a coach. It’s not without reason that we have the saying that “it’s (not) good to eat cherries with someone”.

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-> “Cherries” also available in larger resolution!

In terms of content, proposals would be appropriate, regulations rather not. Perhaps most egregious is the example of a “top-down” consulting physician branding a patient’s failure as “lack of self-discipline,” which was a fundamental misperception given that the ultimately perpetually stressed client was an accounting professional—and here are her balance sheets right down to the last cent.

In such a situation, the suggestion to “hone in” on improving self-esteem, the ability to enjoy yourself and, of necessity, self-discipline within an empathetic working alliance seems more helpful.

Trust and patience need – so to speak – their framework here, where the practice of food preparation and the design of the environment should also find their place.

If you want, you can deal with other special cases such as feminist coaching, self-coaching, telecoaching, mutual coaching and many others: This could subsequently help to overcome the social isolation favored by society, which would also be a nice success.

Psychosomatics, Today: The Kummerspeck

When assumptions are obviously wrong, good advice is expensive. The weight of the weighed patient was already on his stomach before the war, and the doctor thinks only of money – at least in the caricature; in reality, general practitioners rarely have a scale and use it less often than the blood pressure monitor.

Another “medical paradox”:

In France, people drink more alcohol and live longer – so wine is healthy; on the other hand:

Experience teaches that drinking wine often leads to headaches. A hundred remedies help against these. Hildegard von Bingen recommends combating headaches with the drops that come out when cutting the vines in spring. Here, too, Vitis vinifera proves to be a miracle plant: it fights the disease that it caused itself.

Karl Kraus characterized psychoanalysis as “that mental illness which it considers itself to be treating”; this may sound brilliant like the tale of alcoholism causing itself, but context is important.

Whether the “practical tips” in the mass media are to be understood as nutritional advice, entertainment or even coaching does not have to be decided here.

“Subway offers a chicken and cheese box with 1169 calories per serving”

– and a 12” sandwich has twice the calories of a 6” one. Such mega information is not useful and does not show any alternatives.

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All that scattered “knowledge” can be disorienting and add to the sense of powerlessness that long-term obesity is often associated with.

Without a reliable approach to a solution, the fact that the overweight is there is repeatedly repressed, along with the grief that its existence causes and – so this can be a “grief trap” – compensated with “food”.

Seen in this way, grief bacon is not just a calorie reserve, but part of a vicious circle, and the assumption that the original grief is not due to the current war seems plausible.

Dates – ideal with muesli and also good for “in between”

A plain oatmeal porridge muesli should also be plain and without sugar. One, two or even three dates convey/ convey the absolute sweetness in a very unrefined way, also because the contrast with unsweetened oat flakes is stronger.

We learn, if it is not about the acquisition of given knowledge, a lot through “trial and error”, little through “trial and success”.
So what works will show up pretty soon, that can be discussed, and nobody needs any quacks.

The cheese sandwich with plenty of fresh vegetables on the breakfast board is reminiscent of the “Foodboard” project, which rightly receives a lot of attention. The shine of the peppers comes from half a teaspoon of good cooking oil.

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