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Weight training after 60: the benefits and advantages. I study

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Weight training after 60: the benefits and advantages.  I study

Strength training has always been touted as a great way to improve physical health, especially as we age. But now, new research is showing that the benefits extend beyond just muscle mass and strength – it can also have a positive impact on our mental health.

A recent study published in the journal Psychiatry Research has found that strength training can be beneficial for the mental health of seniors, particularly those who suffer from anxiety and depression. The study, conducted by researcher Paolo Cunha, highlights the importance of strength training as a non-pharmacological strategy for healthy aging.

Cunha explains, “Strength training has proven to be one of the most effective strategies for healthy aging. It promotes countless benefits, including improvements in mental health. The decrease in strength and muscle mass that naturally occurs with age can be associated with an increase in mental health problems, due to physiological changes controlled by the brain.”

The study also found that seniors who participate in strength training in a group setting may experience even greater mental health benefits, as the social aspect of group training can also play a role in improving mood.

When it comes to structuring a strength training routine, the researchers recommend training with weights three times a week, with three sets of each exercise. They also suggest keeping sessions relatively short, with around six exercises per session. Using machines and weights, rather than elastic bands or free body training, is also shown to have a greater impact on mental health in older individuals.

While the study acknowledges that there are still gaps in research on the topic, the overall consensus is that any form of movement, including strength training, can be beneficial for physical and mental health as we age.

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So, if you’re looking to improve your overall well-being as you get older, consider adding some strength training to your routine. It’s not just good for your muscles – it’s good for your mood too.

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