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Municipality of Naples – #Usailtuovoto. Young people and Europe, initiative at Maschio Angioino

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Municipality of Naples – #Usailtuovoto.  Young people and Europe, initiative at Maschio Angioino

The event to promote the European vote – #Usailtuovoto – was held today in the Sala dei Baroni at Maschio Angioino, organized as part of “ComunicarEuropa in Campania” by Europe Direct from Campania.

On the occasion of the next European elections – scheduled for 8 and 9 June – 400 million European citizens are called to the polls and the activities of the Europe Direct Centers are fundamental to promote democratic participation, especially among many young people who are voting for the first time the renewal of the European Parliament.

To this end, the Municipality of Naples, through its Europe Direct center located in the Mayor’s Cabinet Area, organizes a series of information and awareness activities to encourage participation in the vote. The day-event promoted at Castel Nuovo falls into this context, created with the collaboration between the EUROPE DIRECT centers of Naples, Caserta, Salerno and Vesuvius precisely to encourage citizen participation in the debate on the future of the European Union.

The initiative, carried out in synergy with the Youth and Education departments, served to provide practical information to young people voting for the first time and saw the participation of students from Campania, academics and youth associations.

During the meeting, Professor Gianluca Luise, professor of history of political institutions at the University of Naples “Federico II”, spoke to the students about the birth of Europe, the process of European integration and the value of democracy in Europe. The students had the opportunity to ask questions on the various topics of the EU Agenda and also carried out a simulation of the voting moment.

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At the end of the day, the contest was also launched on the promotion of European Union programs and the opportunities it offers, which will end on 9 May on the occasion of Europe Day which celebrates the values ​​of peace and unity.

Today’s initiative – stated the councilor for youth policies and employment, Chiara Marciani – It has a dual purpose. On the one hand, through the initiatives that the children have carried out in schools, we wanted to create a sort of practical handbook on how to vote in the European elections. The second objective is to strengthen the idea of ​​Europe. Our young people have always been accustomed to a single currency and the possibility of traveling easily to three different countries of the Union, but with the contest launched today we also want to remember what Europe does for us and, specifically, for city ​​of Naples. We asked the kids to tell, through good Instagram videos or photos, what Europe is for them and the opportunities it offers”.

The city councilors Luigi Musto and Walter Savarese were present.

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