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What happens if I eat 30 g of dark chocolate a day?

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What happens if I eat 30 g of dark chocolate a day?

Chocolate is an almost essential food in everyone’s life, in all its varieties. Today we will talk about dark chocolate. Let’s start by saying that dark chocolate has a high cocoa content. This is why it is full of good components. Its antioxidants help the body use its insulin more efficiently to control blood sugar. For this reason it helps to reduce blood sugar levels naturally. Additionally, the flavonols it contains help people suffering from heart disease. Indeed, there are modest improvements in cardiovascular function.

What happens if I eat 30 g of dark chocolate a day?

The suggested portion is 30 grams per day. You may not eat every day so as not to overeat in calories. Be careful to prefer the right type of this tasty food to have good consequences with blood sugar. To maximize the benefits it is best to prefer chocolate with at least 75%. The best thing is to take it in moderation and especially at different times of the day.

Always examine the label and ingredients because such food in the diet should always be good quality chocolate. Several scientific studies show that eating a small square of 75% of it every day can help the body to lower blood pressure. Good news for people with hypertension. Studies confirm that lowering the pressure is dark chocolate, the type that contains at least 50-70% cocoa.

According to the researchers there is quite strong evidence that the consumption of this food improves several important cardiovascular risk factors and possibly also decreases cardiovascular problems. It is also rich in nutrients that can have a positive effect on health and blood sugar. This given by the seed of the cocoa tree, is one of the best sources of antioxidants that can be found.

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Studies show that it can improve health and decrease heart-related conditions. It contains a fair amount of soluble fiber and is full of minerals. Finally, it can refine blood flow and lower blood pressure.

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