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What is Stardust, the company that transformed media creators

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What is Stardust, the company that transformed media creators

The influencer profession is a serious one. On Italian Tech we have written it several times, and we have done it because the data says so: the Uffizi have seen double the admissions for under 25s after landing on TikTok and having involved Chiara Ferragni; 75% of American luxury brands said they were ready to invest in promotion in this sector; the turnover is close to 10 billion dollars a year and could grow to 85 billion by 2028.

The announcement

Gedi invests in social media: purchased 30% of Stardust

by Alessio Balbi

It is a serious job, which allows you to make money for real (many, and even in Italy) and for which you can be inclined or have an inclination, but that still needs to be learned, like any trade. At school, too. And if not in a school, in a house that looks like a school. And the Stardust House, which takes its name from the company of the same name of which Gedi has just bought 30%it is just that: it is a 1500 square meter villa with swimming pool, gym and park, opened on 4 July 2020 in Briosco, in the province of Monza, which functions as a kind of influencer school. Simplifying, it is what is called content house, that is, it is a house where people come together to create content but also to learn, a kind of middle ground between Amici (for the learning part) and the Big Brother (because what happens inside is seen on the outside).

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Reuters analysis

TikTok and Telegram, the platforms where the readers are who the newspapers are no longer able to reach

by Emanuele Capone

How (and how much) the Stardust House works

Last summer, Simone Giacomini, CEO and co-founder of Stardust, he told us that “15 permanent creators live inside and another 8 who change every week, they are between 16 and 22 years old and in addition to creating videos, they take courses in photography, editing, editing, diction, acting, English and singing” . In short: they learn a trade, which is what could be their future profession.

Stardust was founded in May 2020 in Rome (but it also has an office in Milan) by Giacomini together with Fabrizio Ferraguzzo, Alan Tonetti, Antonino Maira and Ettore Dore: against an initial investment of 100 thousand euros, he billed 1.5 million in the first year (better: in the first 8 months), more than 9 the second and today, which has 35 employees, aims to double revenues. Most importantly, it has contracted over 150 creators on platforms such as TikTok, Facebook and Instagram and acts as an intermediary between them and the companies interested in having online visibility: “They contact us, they tell us what they want, if they want posts, photos, videos or other and we hire the right creator for them”, Giacomini explained to us again. Generally, the creator receives from Stardust a salary (which can range between 500 and 3 thousand euros per month) to produce an average of 10 contents per week: “We industrialized the profession of influencer, we gave it regularity and concreteness”.

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Does this thing work? Definitely yes. If the numbers given at the beginning weren’t enough, here are others that prove it: in the first year of full operation, the Stardust House produced content that totaled over 6 billion views, while overall all the creators of the team have exceeded 15 billion views35 million hours of viewing time and 1 million original content, working with Italian and international brands.

Gedi acquires 30% of Stardust

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