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Who shouldn’t eat chocolate? Here are the cases: “be careful”

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Who shouldn’t eat chocolate?  Here are the cases: “be careful”

Generally, it is said that all good and tasty things to eat are bad, with some small and rare exceptions. You should know that chocolate is counted precisely among these exceptions, so it’s time to dispel the false myths and start eating chocolate again. chocolate without too much guilt. But be careful, as we will see later, this idea should not be interpreted as a green light for binge eating. Here’s what the research published so far says, such as the fact that dark chocolate can benefit the heart and to the brain. Let’s see together what it is.

If we take into consideration the last few years, in which the media have repeatedly extolled the innumerable properties of chocolate, even reporting the conclusions of various studies, which have involved different aspects of our body. In short, knowing that a food so much loved by consumers, it is also healthy, after all, it could only arouse curiosity and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, it very often happens that the news is oversimplified, in this way there is the risk of offering information that is not very exhaustive, which could be interpreted incorrectly. We must specify that chocolate is good when it is dark, at least when it is dark 70% and has a low sugar content.

The quantities, as we will explain better later on, must necessarily be contained, avoiding excesses in any case, for a food that can also have effects collateral harmful. As for the contraindications, they are caused by some particular substances, such as for example amines, which can initiate a slight dependence, which in rare cases can also lead to an inordinate desire for chocolateespecially in people suffering from depression. After consuming chocolate, these subjects experience a satisfaction called the “craving effect”, which satisfies the desire and causes pleasure. In the most sensitive subjects, it can usually also cause headaches and flushing total.

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Another substance that is important to mention is theobromine, which, if taken in large quantities, can cause tremors, anxiety, reduced sleep, sweating, loss of appetite, nausea and He retched. Furthermore, this substance causes a lot of damage to the organism of our pets, for this very reason chocolate should never be offered to dogs nor to gatti. The subjects who unfortunately have to limit the consumption of chocolate are all those suffering from chronic migraine, tachycardia, cardiac arrhythmia or hypersensitivity to substances called “nervine” as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women and let’s not forget also those who suffer from intestinal and gastric disorders

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