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With an App, the doctor-cartoon explains tumors to children – Medicine

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With an App, the doctor-cartoon explains tumors to children – Medicine

(ANSA) – RIMINI, APRIL 26 – In recent days, a smartphone app for information purposes has gone into operation at the Pediatric Oncohematology department of the Infirm hospital in Rimini, which allows young patients to understand the details of their illness and the course of care, and help family members stay up to date with what the patient is going through. The name of the tool is Mascotte, whose acronym stands for ‘Medical app in support of oncohaematological care and therapies’, and was created thanks to a collaboration between the Romagna Oncological Institute and the Rimini department led by Dr. Roberta Pericoli.

The latter, thanks to the app, turns into a sort of cartoon called ‘Dotta’ which, in a simple and clear way, explains to patients what it means to have an oncohaematological disease, how a CT scan works, or what happens to the inside the operating room and what are the effects, desired or not, of a cycle of chemotherapy.

The idea comes from psychologist Samanta Nucci and the team that follows the patients of the operating unit. “The virtuous circle that is triggered thanks to this project – explains Nucci – affects not only the patient, who having a better awareness of what is happening to him will also have less anxiety and concern, but also the family and the staff who administer the cures, who will be able to explain in detail what is happening to the boy”. The app was developed by AI4Health and with the economic support of the Riccione-Cattolica Rotary Club. “The importance of communication through such an immediate method was recognized – notes Pericoli -: a sticker that appears inside the telephone and that explains situations that are complicated to understand with a language that evidently has come to strike those who listened to it” . (HANDLE).

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