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Yarn Bombing, a bombardment of colored yarns to raise awareness of deafblindness

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A rainbow of colors that on June 27 will invade Italy from north to south: after a particularly difficult and dark year for deafblind and psychosensory impaired people and their families, on the occasion of the International Day of Deafblindness, the Lega del Filo d’Oro Onlus Foundation promotes in Italy the global initiative Yarn Bombing promoted by Deafblind International – of which the Foundation is a member. A ‘bombardment’ of yarn artifacts that challenges blindness and imposes itself with its joy to involve deafblind people in a fun and creative way in a tactile artistic project.

The tactile workshops

Thanks to the laboratories for the development of occupational activities, such as those of yarn, which aim to stimulate the creativity and residual skills of those who cannot see and hear, deafblind and psychosensory impaired people in the Centers and Territorial Offices of the Foundation have created colored squares and pom poms to which were added the artifacts made by family members, supporters, volunteers, staff and friends of the Lega del Filo d’Oro. “We immediately welcomed the international project Yarn Bombing with great enthusiasm because the ‘thread’ has always had a very important meaning for us: it symbolically represents the ‘golden thread of good friendship’ chosen in 1964 by our founder, Sabina Santilli, to open up the condition of deafblind people to the world and make society aware of them. And that precious thread that unites deafblind people with the outside world is the concept that has always inspired the mission and vision of the Lega del Filo d’Oro “, he declares Patrizia Ceccarani, Technical Scientific Director of the Lega del Filo d’Oro Onlus Foundation.

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Color street art in 10 regions for deafblindness

edited by Irma D’Aria

Equal treatment

The initiative was created with the aim of increasing awareness and knowledge of deafblindness, to obtain equal treatment, opportunities and a real exercise of the rights of deafblind people. In short, we want to ensure that these people can express all their potential and skills. “The road to recognizing the rights of deafblind people is still very long, despite the fact that the European Parliament recognized them as a specific disability in 2004”, he explains. Francesco Mercurio, president of the Committee of Deafblind People of the Lega del Filo d’Oro Onlus Foundation. “To those who do not know us, the idea of ​​raising awareness of deafblindness through an explosion of colors may appear to be a contradiction. In reality, we wanted to show that beyond our objective sensory limits, our world view is rich, colorful and imaginative, just like everyone’s world ”. With this initiative we also want to remember the great teaching left by Helen Keller, whose birth anniversary occurs on June 27th, namely that the most beautiful and important things in life cannot be seen or even heard: they must be feel with your heart.

Deafblind people, Neri Marcorè: “Stay close to them, there is still a lot to do”

Yarn Bombing in the Italian regions

On the key day of June 27, in the 10 regions where the Foundation is present, the knitted or crocheted artifacts will cover streets, parks and monuments, in a large patchwork woven with all the colors and threads of solidarity. Also Renzo Arbore and Neri Marcorè, friends and testimonials of the organization, have decided to embrace the Yarn Bombing initiative with the aim of supporting deafblind people in the long path to the full recognition of their rights and to raise public awareness on deafblindness. For the occasion, a vest and a scarf were made for them, as a sign of gratitude and great affection. Also Lardini e Hugo Boss Shoes & Accessories Italia, longtime partners close to the Lega del Filo d’Oro Onlus Foundation, have answered the call of the colorful Yarn Bombing initiative. For this occasion their staff has created artifacts with colored yarns that, together with the others, will cover installations in 16 cities of Italy to remember the rights of deafblind people all over the world. To find out where you can see the installations, just go to the website www.legadelfilodoro.it.

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Lo Yarn Bombing  sui social

The invitation to participate in the “Yarn Bombing” of the Lega del Filo d’Oro is open to all: on the International Day of Deafblind People (June 27) it will be enough to share a photo taken in front of one of the many installations, or that of an artifact of colored yarn, or more simply of an object wrapped in colored threads, by inserting the hashtag #perfiloepersegno. With a symbolic gesture, you can support the cause of the Lega del Filo d’Oro, for a better future beyond the dark and silence.


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