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йʮ |  йʵһ̨–


ư ò ճ ĸ 㣺 ʮͻ۳ɹγϰƽ˼ϰƽ̬˼ 룬 ͻʵɹǾ ÷ չ˴ ߡ̬˴ ơ

ʮ꣬ҹʵһ̨ס 2021ֵﵽ114Ԫռȫン2012 11.4%18%ϣҹΪڶôλõ˾ֵﵽ1.25ԪӽżЩҹ羭Ĺʱ30%ң

91 췢 չ ĵһȫзͶ ֮֮ 1.91% ߵ2.44% ȫ ɵɵ34 λ12λ · 5GȽȣ˺ 졢 ̽ʵش ͻơ͹ҽȡ ش


ʮ꣬ҹ̬ „ʵʷ ۣ ͺ ͺ ڳˮ ԽԽ ٣ ơˮɽ ԽԽࡣ √ ռ ȫ˹ 1/4 ҡλ ̼ ̼ ŷ Լ 34% 硢 ɫw Դ һ

ʮ꣬ҹ⿪ŵĹȺȵõȫչƷռг 11% 絵15% ó׵һλõǿȫʵͶ׼ǰӸ嵥ƶȣʹģ Migrant ׼ó ǩó Э10ӵ 1921 óͺó ׸ۣһϵиĸ↑¸ӵء


ԭ: йʮ | йʵһ̨

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