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10 Police colonels were called to brigadier general course

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10 Police colonels were called to brigadier general course

The National Police has announced the selection of 10 colonels aspiring to the rank of brigadier general to participate in the Strategic Public Security Course (CESEP).

Those selected, after a process of transparent evaluation and rigorous who analyzed his trajectoriesperformance and potential for professional growth, are as follows:

Colonel Juan Julio Villamil Monsalve

Colonel Juan Carlos Humberto Valderrama Angarita

Colonel Edwin Masleider Urrego Pedraza

Colonel Yurian Jeannette Romero Murder

Colonel Vianney Javier Rodríguez Porras

Colonel Claudia Susana Blanco Romero

Colonel Giovanni Cristancho Zambrano

Colonel Carlos German Oviedo Lamprea

Colonel Gelver Yecid Peña Araque

Coronel William Quintero Salazar

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This announcement follows the legal standards established for the police career and is supported by the National governmentwith the approval of the Advisory Board, led by the Minister of National Defense, Iván Velásquez Gómez, and the review of the Corps of Generals, led by the Director General of the National Police, General William René Salamanca Ramírez.

General Salamanca expressed his gratitude and recognition to all the evaluated officers, highlighting that “all of the evaluated officers are maximum exponents of the humanism, professionalism, honesty and capacity for innovation that characterizes our institution.” Likewise, he expressed his gratitude towards those who join the Police Reserve, recognizing his contribution to the construction of the institution.

The selected officers will assume the historical responsibility of contributing to the consolidation of the Comprehensive Security Strategy of the National Police, focused on Citizen Coexistence and Climate Change. The strategy is based on four institutional horizons: Urban Citizen Security, Rural Citizen Security and Criminal Investigation, Intelligence and Counterintelligence, and Interinstitutional and International Cooperation.

Each of the selected colonels has an outstanding profile, with notable experiences and achievements in various positions and areas of the National Police.

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