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13-year-old girl ended her life in the rural area of ​​Maní – news

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13-year-old girl ended her life in the rural area of ​​Maní – news

Casanareño singer and composer Walter Silva presents his new musical album WALTER SILVA SYMPHONYrecorded together with the NATIONAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA OF COLOMBIAa production with which he celebrates his 30 years of musical career and his 50th birthday.

This new musical project presents 8 classic songs by the artist, including: “El Chino de los mandados”, “Ríos de trago”, “Ya no le camino más”, “Pija Pariente”, “Cachilaperito”, “Romance del coleador” , “On the sleeve of love”, “Don’t pick up the container” and will include an unreleased song titled “My Dad, the road and me”.

The new album by the Llanero singer-songwriter also featured the special participation of the Llanero group ‘Cachilaperitos’, and the Casanareño harpist, William Barragán, with whom Silva has recorded some of his most important musical hits. The recording of “WALTER SILVA SYMPHONY” was held in the facilities of the Teatro Colsubsidio – Roberto Arias Pérez in Bogotá, an iconic setting that was also chosen by the artist for the presentation of his live album on November 2nd.

Regarding the production, Walter Silva expressed “It is a dream that has been worked on in silence for some years, that has kept me awake many nights, that has given me many gray hairs, but that I hope will be a beautiful production for llanero folklore.”.

Likewise, maestro Juan Antonio Cuéllar, general director of the National Symphony comments that “For the National Symphony Orchestra of Colombia, the symphonic group with more than 87 years of history and cultural reference of our country, it is an immense pleasure and privilege to be part of the celebration of the 30 years of artistic career of maestro Walter Silva. A career that deserves all the awards and in which we are happy to participate”.

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The orchestral direction was carried out by maestro Leonardo Marulanda with musical arrangements by maestro Nicolás Ospina; The production was in charge of the award-winning sound engineer Mauricio Cano, and the engineer and producer, Andrés Millán. It was a musical album co-produced with the Roberto Arias Pérez Theater of Bogotá headed by its director Walter Silva, Paulo Andrés Sánchez Gil, who arranged the stage and the relevant logistics for this magnificent musical production to take place.

Starting today, December 1, followers of llanera music and maestro Walter Silva will have at their disposal the first album of llanera music, formally recorded in symphonic format.

Source: Walter Silva

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