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13-year-old girl was allegedly abused by her uncles in Valledupar

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13-year-old girl was allegedly abused by her uncles in Valledupar

Apparently, since she was 7 years old, a minor resident in Valledupar She had been being sexually abused by two uncles: one by marriage and one by father. The girl is currently 13 years old and is in the custody of her father, who left her in the care of her paternal aunt.

This case was known by the girl’s mother, who resides in Fonseca, La Guajira, who found out about what happened on January 3 when Her daughter let her know that her relatives were touching her private parts and one of them had sexually accessed her.

When the incident became known, this case was reported to the authorities and the two subjects involved in the abuse were captured last Thursday, April 11. Around 3 pm that same day, the preliminary hearings were held and one of them was released due to lack of material evidencewhile the other accused remains deprived of liberty in URI facilities.

The minor’s relatives rejected said release and demand that the authorities not leave the case unpunished.since the girl is also experiencing a state of rebellion as a result of the traumas.

I initially thought that the girl was rebellious and that it was rude on her part, but when I found out about the case I understood why she wet herself, she is distracted, she is rebellious and doesn’t want to study, she has missed two years at school”, revealed the girl’s mother, who assured that they had threatened her.

to the minor They performed forensic examinations on him to collect evidence of his abuse. And for that reason, his relatives also find it unfair that despite the fact that there is a complaint, “their rights are being violated.”

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