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20 vaccines against 29 diseases in the great vaccination day

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20 vaccines against 29 diseases in the great vaccination day

All the municipalities of Valle del Cauca will be able to make use of the 20 vaccines that will be available in the great vaccination day that will take place this January 27, 28 and 29.

“It is very important that parents, children and adults get vaccinated, we have the vaccine for COVID and regular vaccines available. We want to invite you to participate in the first vaccination day of the year on the last weekend of January and the first day of applying varnish to the teeth of minors. This is important to avoid dental caries in children”, indicated the departmental secretary of Health, María Cristina Lesmes.

Opportunity for the citizens of Valle del Cauca to complete the immunization schemes and apply the corresponding doses that protect against 29 diseases.

It is worth noting the relevance in terms of older adults attending this great vaccination day because some diseases, such as influenza or COVID, also affect this population at higher risk.

The central day will be on Saturday, January 28, however, from Friday the health institutions of the Valley will be ready to serve the population of all ages. It should be remembered that among the vaccines that are applied to children are those that prevent against meningitis, pneumonia or infections in the lungs and chicken pox.

For this reason, the Government of Valle installs the invitation to all Valle del Cauca residents to go to the IPS vaccination post closest to your residence and see if any additional vaccine should be applied, if the scheme is complete and how often it should be apply additional doses.

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