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+50% of your customers’ attention and purchase begins in the visual part of your brand

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+50% of your customers’ attention and purchase begins in the visual part of your brand

By: Carlos Andrés Valencia

It is clear that showing your product to the world is a process that involves not only the product itself but the way you make it attractive, desirable and attainable, and better yet: generate sales and profits.

Every day we have thousands of offers in our hands through our cell phones or on our computer screen where thousands of customers know solutions to something they are looking for or need. But I don’t know if you have realized that the first contact of that product with a potential customer is visual through images, shapes, colors and design.

Yes, everything enters through the eyes, just like your brand and your product. “I want you to understand a little, that it is a whim for us to have a beautiful design, an impeccable brand and for everything to look perfect, I want you to understand that by having your product displayed on social networks or on your website and in the hands of your potential client, the responsibility of attention and desire is focused on the first 10 seconds in which the delivery of your product is 100% visual and if it is attractive it will not be purchased” comments Giancarlo Rodríguez, professional expert in branding.

“Throughout my career, I have dedicated myself for more than 27 years to giving life to brands, helping them go out into the world, show their benefits and achieve the goals set through the branding, marketing and sales process. I have managed to raise awareness with my clients about the importance of building a solid brand and that the graphic design is high quality so that it increases the perceived value and generates sales.”

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The process of creating a brand, materializing it through graphic design and delivering it in the appropriate medium with clear and precise communication increases the conversion rate by more than 50%. The prestigious graphic designer Giancarlo Rodríguez has been in the world of brands, in the online world and in the publishing world where he won several awards from the National Association of Hispanic Publications in the United States between 2007 and 2009 for best magazine design. and newspapers. “In the publishing world I understood that communication cannot be solely text-based, but rather requires a high-impact visual and graphic component to generate a positive response to what is being communicated or shown.”

In essence, a brand needs its best companion and faithful squire: graphic design, this is the vehicle that delivers your product to the world and makes it desirable.

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