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7 days retro: a look back at the highlights of national football news from last week – Football in Togo

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7 days retro: a look back at the highlights of national football news from last week – Football in Togo

New issue of “7 days retro”. The national football scene last week in Togo was mainly marked by the second match of the Éperviers in the qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup, the third day of the second division national football championship and act 5 of the D1 Lonato.

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Elim CDM 2026: Togo and Senegal share points in Lomé

Togo played its second match of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers on Tuesday November 21, 2023 at the Kégué stadium in Lomé. At the end of regulation time the two teams separated with a goalless draw of 0 goals everywhere. The Éperviers thus achieve a second draw after that of the first day in Benghazi against Sudan. In two contested matches, Paulo Duarte’s colts come away with two points and are ranked 4th in group B dominated by Senegal and Sudan who have 4 points.

3rd day of the second division national football championship: L’Etoile Filante is caught by Anges in group A while Foadan continues its pink series in group B

The second Togolese football division completed its third chapter last week. In Pool A, Anges de Notsè and Étoile Filante de Lomé separated with a score of 0 goals everywhere. The Olympic matches of Vo-Maranatha, JCA-ASFOSA and Arabia-Agaza were all ended in a draw with 1 goal everywhere. In the standings in this group A, Etoile Filante is leader with 7 points. Anges, ASFOSA and Maranatha have 5 points. JCA is last with one unit.

At Pool B level, Foadan from Dapaong continues his pink streak. On the occasion of this third day, the Lions of Tone pinned CDF Haknour 1 goal to 0. Ifodjé of Atakpamé takes the upper hand over Agouwa 3 goals to 2. Two (2) goals everywhere is the score of the match which opposite Koroki- TAC. Arsenal de Kara and Sara FC separate back to back 0 goals everywhere. After this third day Foadan still remains at the top of the ranking with 9 points plus a goal average of plus 4, Ifodjè comes in second position with 9 points plus 3. Agouwa brings up the rear with 0 points.

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D1 Lonato J5: Tambo and Gomido beaten, Dyto still on the road to the cross

The D1 Lonato was last weekend in its 5th lifting. The Leader Gomido FC of Kpalimé conceded its first setback of the season in front of Entente II 0 goals against 2. Dyto of Lomé sank against Doumbé of Mango 5 goals to 1. AC Barracuda and FC Espoir neutralize each other 1 goal everywhere. Unisport dominates AS Binah 2 goals to 0. Gbikinki overcomes ASCK by the smallest of margins 1 goal to 0. AS Tambo bowed down against AS OTR 2 goals to 0, Gbohloe-su from Aného loses to Sémassi 1 goal to 0 and finally ASKO crushes Kakadl 3 goals to 1.

Gomido despite his defeat, still retains the leadership chair with 12 points, Unisport, AS Tambo, ASKO are respectively 2nd, 3rd and 4th with 10 points. In the red zone are AS Binah 5 points, Gbikinki 4 points, ASCK 4 points and Dyto 0 Points.

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