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A couple is found dead in the Betania dam

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A couple is found dead in the Betania dam

In a horrifying incident that has left the community shocked, two people were found dead in the Betania dam, identified as Hugo Armando Trujillo and Maribel Arce Piedrahita.

The lifeless bodies were discovered on the banks of the reservoir on the border of the municipality of Campoalegre with Yaguará, in the department of Huila.

According to the known information, the murders occurred at dawn yesterday. Residents in the area heard the shots around 3 a.m., alerting local authorities. Upon arrival at the scene, the authorities found the lifeless bodies of the couple.

A chilling detail stands out in this case: the murderers left a paper at the crime scene accusing the victims of being fish thieves. The pamphlet found at the site points to dissidents from the ‘Rodrigo Cadete’ front as perpetrators of the crime.

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The bodies of Hugo Armando Trujillo and Maribel Arce Piedrahita have been transferred to the Legal Medicine morgue in the municipality of Campoalegre, where the corresponding autopsies will be carried out to determine the causes of their death and gather crucial evidence for the ongoing investigation.

The local community is shocked by this tragic event, which has generated fear and concern in the region. The authorities have intensified security efforts in the area, in an effort to capture those responsible for this violent crime and guarantee the tranquility of the inhabitants of the Betania dam and its surroundings.

The investigations continue, and it is expected that in the coming days the motives behind this double murder will be clarified and those responsible will be identified, thus providing justice to the victims and their families.

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