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A look at China’s aggressive maritime tactics from the deck of a Philippine patrol ship – Wall Street Journal

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A look at China’s aggressive maritime tactics from the deck of a Philippine patrol ship – Wall Street Journal

Chinese Fleet Clashes with Philippine Ships in South China Sea

In a tense confrontation in the South China Sea, a large Chinese fleet surrounded and harassed Philippine ships attempting to deliver supplies to a military outpost on the Second Thomas Shoal. The incident involved multiple Chinese vessels, including coast guard ships and fishing boats acting as maritime militia.

The Chinese fleet aggressively maneuvered between the four Philippine ships, even using water cannons to bombard one of them, injuring crew members and damaging the vessel. The standoff lasted for hours, with small-scale collisions occurring between the Chinese and Philippine ships.

The Wall Street Journal was present on the deck of one of the Philippine Coast Guard cutters during the mission, witnessing the dangerous encounter firsthand. Lieutenant Bernadette Soriano Addun described the experience as “scary” and highlighted the unpredictable nature of the Chinese fleet’s actions.

This incident is part of a series of supply missions conducted by the Philippines, which have become increasingly risky due to Chinese interference. China claims sovereignty over the Second Thomas Shoal and has been obstructing Philippine vessels in the region. The Philippines has been documenting and publicizing China’s actions, as President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. takes a tougher stance against Beijing’s claims.

The United States has condemned China’s aggressive tactics in the South China Sea, reaffirming its commitment to the Philippines through a mutual defense treaty. The U.S. has promised to support the Philippines in case of armed attacks on its vessels or armed forces in the region.

China’s expansion in the South China Sea has raised concerns among neighboring countries and the international community. Despite a ruling by the International Court of Justice against China’s claims, Beijing continues to assert its control over the disputed waters.

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The Second Thomas Shoal holds strategic importance for the Philippines, as it represents a key assertion of sovereignty in the region. The dilapidated state of the Philippine outpost on the shoal has been a point of contention with China, which accuses the Philippines of building a permanent base in the area.

The recent clash between Chinese and Philippine ships underscores the escalating tensions in the South China Sea and the challenges faced by countries trying to assert their maritime rights in the region. The international community will be closely monitoring the situation as the dispute continues to unfold.

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