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A single woman in her 40s “I shake like a reed when I put them together and only date them”

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A single woman in her 40s “I shake like a reed when I put them together and only date them”

[서울=뉴시스] ‘Falling again, camping in love 2’ . 2023.06.18. (Photo = provided by MBN) [email protected] *Resale and DB prohibited *Resale and DB prohibited

[서울=뉴시스]Reporter Yoonjin Lee = The second day of the date unfolds.

In the MBN TV entertainment program ‘Camping in Love 2’, which airs at 9:20 pm on the 18th, 8 camping men and women who have previously chosen their first impression and completed their first 1:1 date return to their tents.

They put their hearts on a cassette tape placed on the bed and deliver it to the mailbox of the person they are most excited about. At this time, Yu Seon-min does not recognize the main character of the recorded voice and points out a decisive mistake, infuriated the MCs. In addition, Woo Hee-seon leaves a confession saying, “Today was the best man for a day” to the other person, making it confusing whether it is a sign of liking or rejection.

The next day, the eight successful men and women go on another romantic 1:1 date. At this time, Seo Ji-yeon constantly tries to make eye contact with the male performer she is dating, and in the end, the male performer says, “Look at the side instead of me” and laughs out loud. Seo Ji-yeon confesses her innermost feelings, saying, “The man is meticulous and takes good care of me. I’m not like a reed, but since I drive her into love like this, my heart keeps moving like a reed.”

Shin In-seop goes on a 1:1 date with Woo Hee-sun. Woo Hee-seon, who recorded TOP5 in the fitness world competition, said, “I gained 7kg more than last year, but isn’t it better than I thought?” “My dream is a bagel. Baby face and glamorous body. Do you like bagels? You see, I have a bagel body.” Are you?”, embarrassing Shin In-seop with persistent questions. In response to the constant talk about his body, Inseop Shin said, “It looks good. When I saw him taking pictures, he seemed to have a good proportion.”

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In response, Cha Hee-yeon, CEO of Psychology Research Institute, said, “This topic can be embarrassing, but in a flirtatious relationship, it can be an opportunity to quickly become close. It is a secret conversation that is essential when dating.”

On the other hand, on this date, a ‘stop and steal’ rule is introduced to stop the ongoing date and take away someone else’s partner. As soon as the rules are revealed, it is said that there is a male performer who changed his date, so I wonder who it is.

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