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A threat of strong storms could take shape this Monday in the US.

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A threat of strong storms could take shape this Monday in the US.

Severe Weather Threat to Impact Central U.S. Early Next Week

A widespread severe storm threat is looming over the central United States, with millions of people at risk of destructive wind gusts, hail, and tornadoes early next week.

According to forecasts from the Storm Prediction Center, a level 3 out of 5 risk for severe storms has been issued for areas from northern Texas to southern Kansas on Monday. The threat is expected to start in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas on Monday afternoon, with the strongest storms potentially developing in the evening.

The potential for hail ranging from quarters to baseballs, damaging wind gusts, and tornadoes is high, with the greatest tornado threat centered in Oklahoma. The storms are expected to expand in range and strength late Monday, reaching parts of Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and Arkansas.

Cities such as Oklahoma City, Fort Worth, Wichita, and Kansas City could be in the path of these damaging storms, with the possibility of tornadoes striking during the night. Nighttime tornadoes can be especially dangerous, as they are harder to spot and can be twice as deadly as those occurring during the day.

It is crucial for residents in affected areas to have multiple ways of receiving severe weather warnings, including activating emergency alerts on smartphones and charging devices ahead of time. The storms are expected to continue into Tuesday morning, with a similar threat of damaging wind gusts, hail, and tornadoes persisting.

In addition to the severe weather threat, heavy rain from the storm system could lead to flooding in parts of the Mississippi Valley and Midwest. Strong winds to the west of the storm could also pose a risk of damage to trees and power lines in the Rocky Mountains, potentially increasing the spread of wildfires in drought-affected areas.

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As the forecasts continue to solidify over the weekend, residents in the Great Plains, Mississippi Valley, and Midwest are advised to stay updated on the weather and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety during the upcoming severe weather event.

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