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“The final scrutiny of the legislative elections†: Fátima Ortiz

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“The final scrutiny of the legislative elections†: Fátima Ortiz

The lawyer Fátima Ortiz assured this Wednesday in the Platform program that the reforms in the electoral process by the Legislative Assembly had an impact on these elections, in addition, she highlighted the poor logistical preparation of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal , which he considered was demonstrated in the transmission of preliminary data.

“The final scrutiny in previous years only minutes were reviewed, on this occasion due to the failures that occurred it was counted vote by vote, however null votes were not reviewed, nor the registry of signatures, because the Government party did not want it.†€ explained.

Ortiz pointed out that, for 5 days in 300 tables, all the electoral packages were opened, which became a disorder in logistics and law enforcement; and that the Nuevas Ideas party had monopolized the process and did not comply with the Court’s instructions.

“OAS observers and journalists were attacked, documenting these events with photographs and videos expressing their complaints. The role of the observers is to make reports on the electoral process with prior agreement with the state,” he stated.

Finally, he stated that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal lost total control of these elections; “In the end, the presiding magistrate made official the data where 54 seats are from Nuevas Ideas and 6 from other parties, of which only 3 are opposition and 3 are allies of the ruling party,†she added.

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