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After 3 years, the traditional Holy Week returns to Sáchica live – news

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After 3 years, the traditional Holy Week returns to Sáchica live – news

The Attorney General’s Office managed to prosecute Carlos Alberto Rosero Quinto, as the alleged perpetrator of the homicide of three people, which occurred on February 27, in the Minas village, in the rural area of ​​Gachantivá (Boyacá).

The investigation reveals that two hooded and armed persons began a pursuit of one of the victims in the middle of a public thoroughfare, who tried to hide in a home belonging to some residents of the village. Given this, the aforementioned attackers entered the property, fired indiscriminately at the occupants and inflicted injuries with a sharp element. As a result of the criminal action, a woman and two men died.

Units of the National Police responded to the call of the citizens and arrived at the scene. In their reaction, the uniformed men were attacked with firearms by one of the alleged attackers, when they tried to flee in a red van. Two policemen were seriously injured and the vehicle managed to be intercepted.

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Rocero Quinto, a retired professional soldier, would be the person who was driving the vehicle and was captured in flagrante delicto with a firearm in his possession; while the possible accomplice escaped.

For these facts, the Prosecutor’s Office accused the prisoner of the crimes of aggravated homicide; and manufacturing, trafficking, carrying or possession of firearms, accessories, parts or ammunition. The defendant did not accept the charges and was transferred to a jail.

According to the investigation, the crime would be related to a conflict of more than 25 years, with the family of one of the victims.

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Source: Attorney General’s Office

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