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Alex Saab’s wife assures that the US keeps him detained as “a trophy”

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Alex Saab’s wife assures that the US keeps him detained as “a trophy”

He said the US wants to send a “scary message”.

Camila Fabri, wife of businessman Alex Saab -alleged figurehead of President Nicolás Maduro, extradited from Cape Verde to Miami- assured this Sunday that the United States keeps her husband imprisoned “like a trophy”.

“They have my husband in the US as a trophy, the lawfare (judicialization of politics), this political and media persecution against Venezuela goes further, they reached the point of kidnapping a diplomat, they are violating international standards” Fabri said, quoted in a press release.

He also said that this can happen “to any official, activist or businessman who is trying to help Venezuela.”

He added that the US wants to send a “message of fear” with the arrest of the businessman.

In addition, he affirmed that Saab has been the victim of torture, when trying to force him to sign “a statement against President Nicolás Maduro and the first three months he lost 23 kilos.”

Last March, Fabri called on the US government to negotiate the release of Saab, who faces a charge of conspiracy to commit money laundering in a Miami court, to which he pleaded “not guilty.”

Likewise, she asked the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (Acnudh) and the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, to speak out against the “violation” of rights of which her husband is a victim, for whom she requested “immediate release”

In June 2020, Saab was arrested in Cape Verde as a result of an international arrest warrant requested by the United States Justice, a fact denounced by Venezuela that demands the freedom of the businessman, alleging diplomatic immunity that was dismissed by the Court of case.

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