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American Tourist Found Dead in Medellín Hotel

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American Tourist Found Dead in Medellín Hotel

American Tourist Found Dead in Medellín Hotel

The body of Hewett Jeffrey Hutson, a 55-year-old American tourist from Texas, was found dead at noon this Saturday at the place where he was staying in El Poblado. It was Frank Vega, an employee of the American Rental Hotel, who found Jeffrey’s body when he entered the room, after the check-out time had passed and he did not respond.

Jeffrey was in the corner of the room, face down in a pool of blood covered by a sheet. Although his death remains the subject of investigation, it appears he was murdered with a knife. The deputy commander of the Metropolitan Area Police, Colonel Richard Fajardo, said that the last time Jeffrey entered his room he did so accompanied by another person.

According to the Tourism Observatory of the District Personnel of Medellín, until a week ago, this year 23 foreigners had died violently in the city (not counting Venezuelan migrants), which means an increase with the murders that occurred in 2022 and 2021, when, To date, in both years, there were 18 cases, 28% less. The statistical count carried out by the Public Ministry includes homicides, deaths due to drug and scopolamine overdoses, suicides and accidental deaths, either in traffic or in other circumstances of people who have been in the city for less than 90 days.

It is concerning to note that according to the statistical list, the foreigners who die the most in the city are Americans. This news comes in the wake of another recent incident in which the body of an Argentine was found in a hotel in El Poblado. Authorities are urging caution for foreign visitors in Medellín, and the investigation into Jeffrey’s death is ongoing.

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