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Appreciating flowers in spring, camping in the wild… This weekend, citizens and tourists can enjoy spring in Changsha in N ways- Sanxiang Vientiane- Hunan Online

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Enjoy the spring

Appreciating flowers in spring, camping in the wild… This weekend, citizens and tourists can enjoy spring in Changsha in N ways

On April 1st, the World Famous Flowers Square of the Provincial Botanical Garden. There are 500,000 tulips of 30 varieties planted here, and tourists will linger in the sea of ​​flowers.Photo by He Wenbing, all-media reporter of Changsha Evening News

On April 1st, at the Yidu Pavilion on Suliuyuan, Chating Town, Wangcheng District, the milk vetch on the river beach was like a dream, and tourists were intoxicated.Photo by Zou Lin, all-media reporter of Changsha Evening News

On the afternoon of April 1st, there were colorful tents all over the Malanshan Yazui Park, and tourists came here to enjoy the sunshine and wild fun.Photo by Wang Zhiwei, all-media reporter of Changsha Evening News

Changsha Evening News, April 1 (all-media reporter Ning Shaou) On April 1, Saturday, spring blossoms. Taking advantage of the free time on weekends, local citizens walked out of their homes, and tourists from other places flocked to enjoy the flowers and outings. In the scenic area, tourists crowded shoulder to shoulder; on some open green spaces where conditions permit, many campers set up tents.

The west gate of Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area has opened up a new path for tourists to climb mountains. After entering the park, citizens can go hiking through the walking trail, which has become the first choice for mountaineering enthusiasts. On the hillside inside Ximen, hundreds of red rhododendrons are planted. This cluster of red rhododendrons was specially introduced from Shaoshan by the scenic spot. Now it is opening for the second time, attracting many tourists to take pictures and check in.

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Peach blossoms are also in full bloom in Juzizhou, which is across the river from Yuelu Mountain. When the reporter arrived at Juzizhou Subway Station, the exit was already full of people. As always, there was a long queue at the ticket gate of the ferry train. The peach garden, plum garden and bamboo garden in the middle of Juzizhou are just right. Many tourists strolled among the flowers and plants, checking in as souvenirs. Recently, the topic of “the exchange of college students between Wuhan and Changsha on weekends” has become popular on the Internet. Among the tourists, the reporter met many college students from Wuhan who came to Changsha to travel by high-speed rail on weekends. Xiao Li, who studies in a university in Wuhan, told the reporter: “I made an appointment with my classmates to come to Changsha, but it was raining and we couldn’t make the trip. This weekend the weather cleared up, so we jumped on the high-speed train and came here. We have visited during the day. After leaving Yuelu Mountain and Juzizhou, I want to go to Yangfan Night Market at night.”

The city of Changsha is full of green areas, and the weather is fine. Weekends have become a good time for picnics and camping. Around the Yazipu area of ​​Malan Mountain, tents of various colors are connected into a piece. Citizens and tourists set up moisture-proof mats on the green space, put various snacks and snacks on, and spend a leisurely weekend. Before leaving, they still don’t forget to pack the garbage away. Resident Mr. Tan is a family of three. He told the reporter that the children in his family like nature, and whenever he has the opportunity on weekends, he will go camping. Now camping has become the first choice for the whole family to spend weekends.

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With the development of camping culture, urban impromptu camping has also ushered in more “camping +” compound gameplays. The derivative gameplays of camping + parent-child, camping + movies, camping + research, and camping + food have their own characteristics. Every weekend when the weather is fine, the area around the Guitang River has become Changsha’s “baby-bringing resort”. Children “run wild” in the green space, and many people bring portable stereos and form groups to sing along the river.

Of course, there are N ways to open the spring in Changsha, enjoy the spring, let’s go.

source Changsha Evening News

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