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Arlis Milan Mosquera, writer and condo educator

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Arlis Milan Mosquera, writer and condo educator

Arlis Andres Milan Mosquera is a writer and educator born in Condoto. He took his basic studies at the college Luis Lozano Scipión de Condoto, where he developed his love for reading and writing, and at the Normal José Eusebio Caro de Popayán. He pursued a bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages ​​from the University of Santiago in Cali, a Master’s degree from the University of Quindío and a doctorate from the University of Cuahtemoc in Mexico.

He taught at the San Martín and Uniminuto universities. He is currently an English teacher at the Eustaquio Palacios Official Educational Institution.

He teaches English in the classroom and simultaneously writes literary works. He is the author of story books and novels: “Stories to dream and not want to wake up”, “Tales of adventures, rivers and seas”, “Pablo, a woman, a life, an opportunity” and “Kamala true love stories in Agra ”.

Arlis Andrés states that the literary vein was inherited from his grandfather Agustín Mosquera.

In each of his literary works his narrative imprint appears that abstracts the human essence, the ancestors, the passions and the dreams of his countrymen on the Pacific coast.

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