Home News Artist from Cauca participates in the Bicentennial of America exhibition in São José SC, Brazil – news

Artist from Cauca participates in the Bicentennial of America exhibition in São José SC, Brazil – news

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Artist from Cauca participates in the Bicentennial of America exhibition in São José SC, Brazil – news

An artistic project that was born in Peru, at the time of the pandemic, to highlight through painting the bicentennial of countries in the Americas

The painter Mauricio Solarte (Mao), a native of El Tambo, Cauca, is part of the life project “Bicentennial Artistic Intercultural Convocation of America”, whose director is the Honduran master Jaime Vallardo Chávez, better known as the artist of world currencies.

Solarte and other Colombian artists are present with their works in this contest that opened today and will end on February 10, 2023 in Brazil. “Our participation in the project to paint the Bicentennial earned us the title of Ambassadors of Art of America,” Solarte said. The exhibition is both physical and virtual.

“As a Honduran artist I feel happy to bring with me the cultural heritage of great masters of the plastic arts of Colombia, who are part of the Bicentennial of America. They will present a commemorative work to celebrate the Bicentennial of the Independence of Brazil”, affirmed the director and artist Vallardo.

Among the Colombian painters are Soraya Cedeño Marín, Mauricio Solarte, Gloria Gonzales, Martha Cecilia Morales Bedoya, Jorge Enrique Londoño, Lily Muñoz, Elizabet Garzón, Miguel Ángel Guarín, Julio César Sierra, Ana Rosa Correa and Consuelo Ramírez.

Who is Mauricio Solarte?

He was born in El Tambo, Cauca, and lives in Popayán. 3D animator; digital artist for over 10 years. In 2019 he transitioned into traditional art. He was at the SanDyego Painting Academy in Popayán. His painting is figurative, landscape, still life, fauna, flora, portrait. The technique he uses the most is oil on canvas. But also graphite drawing, acrylic painting.

“I am going to that exhibition because during the pandemic I had the opportunity to participate in several virtual exhibitions, through which I met the Honduran teacher Jaime Vallardo Chávez, who had the initiative to create a project that paid tribute to the 200 years of independence from all America, taking advantage of his stay in Peru, a country that was about to celebrate the bicentennial of independence”, the painter Solarte told the newspaper La Campana.

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He was invited by the Central American artist, residing in Peru, to be part of that project, for which he exhibits a work and a sketch alluding to the bicentennial of Colombia, which has already been commemorated. With this initiative, it is intended that, when a nation reaches 200 years of independence, the exhibition is held in the corresponding nation and in Peru, where the project headquarters are located and where a museum will be created with the works that participate.

“This project is for life, so we will have the chance to participate in all the exhibitions where they are held. At the moment, there are more than 500 artists from all over America and guests from other parts of the world from the collective”, said the artist from Cauca, who has recreated the Obelisk of his population, which is the monument to the battle of La Cuchilla, from El Tambo. ; he has also shaped the mountains the hill of Munchique.

In Brazil, he is exhibiting a half-sheet sketch in watercolor, size 25×35 centimeters, which pays homage to the patriotic troops, precisely, in the battle of Cuchilla del El Tambo, on June 29, 1816. The remaining half will be intervened by the master Jaime Vallardo to complete the work.

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