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Assembly of Chocó asks Satena to resume flights to Bahía Solano

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Assembly of Chocó asks Satena to resume flights to Bahía Solano

After more than forty years of providing an invaluable air transport service to Bahía Solano, the state company Satena (Servicio Aéreo a Territorios Nacionales), attached to the Ministry of Defense, stopped flying to Bahía Solano.

Bahía Solano has no land connection with the rest of Chocó and the country. That is why air transport is essential for their survival and advancement.

Brigadier General Oscar Zuluaga Castaño, president of Satena, sent a note on February 3, 2023 to the mayor of Bahía Solano, Ulmer Mosquera Gutiérrez, informing him of this unfortunate decision.

The cancellation of the route from Satena to Bahía Solano is a severe blow to the economy of this municipality and Juradó.

The Departmental Assembly of Chocó, at the proposal of deputy Anderson Palacios, sent a note to the president of Satena where they request to resume the flights of that airline to Bahía Solano, and ask to reduce the rates of air tickets with differential treatment and open routes to the airports of Acandí, Capurganá, Pizarro and Nuquí.

For his part, the mayor of Bahía Solano had already expressed his dissatisfaction to General Zuluaga: “It is worrying that Satena’s high command continues to see those of us who live in remote territories as second-class people; Therefore, Satena has prioritized new destinations to intermediate cities; forgetting about the “other Colombia”, the Colombia where social inequality predominates, which with the decision adopted by you makes it deeper. It is incredible that those of us who live in the Pacific continue to be relegated when our President and our Vice President have proclaimed CHANGE for these lands. His decision causes me pain for the Homeland; but this is the country we still have.”

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