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Atesa denounces misuse of containers in Santa Marta

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Atesa denounces misuse of containers in Santa Marta

With the ‘Operario Bacán’ initiative, the company seeks to involve citizens in reporting irresponsible behavior that affects the cleaning service.

Santa Marta is affected by the misuse of solid waste containers, a situation that has led the service operator, Atesa, to launch the ‘Operario Bacán’ strategy. Through this initiative, the company seeks to get the Samaria community to denounce irresponsible behaviors that harm the efficient management of waste.

Among the complaints received, an incident stands out in the Los Angeles neighborhood, where citizens threw prohibited materials near the containers, generating a call for attention from Atesa and requesting intervention from the authorities.

The District of Santa Marta faces a problem that affects not only the efficiency of the solid waste collection service but also the image of the city. Atesa, the operator responsible for this service, has been sharing complaints through its social networks, exposing the inappropriate use of containers by some citizens.

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Under the strategy called ‘Operario Bacán’, Atesa seeks to change this reality by involving the Samaria community in reporting bad behaviors that directly harm the proper management of urban waste. The initiative becomes a call to action, urging citizens to be an active part in preserving the cleanliness and aesthetics of the city.

One of the most recent complaints comes from the Los Angeles neighborhood, specifically from the ‘Los Pericos’ soccer field. In this place, irresponsible citizens deposited unauthorized materials, such as debris and pruning, next to the containers, creating an obvious environmental problem and deteriorating the quality of the cleaning service.

In the face of these acts, Atesa has expressed its categorical rejection, underlining the importance of the authorities taking measures to regulate and sanction this type of behavior. Furthermore, the company highlights that these acts contravene Decree 193 of August 29, 2017, which regulates the management of solid waste and seeks to maintain the harmony and good appearance of the city.

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The ‘Operario Bacán’ strategy not only seeks to point out irresponsible acts, but also to raise awareness in the community about the importance of proper management of solid waste to preserve the environment and improve the quality of life in Santa Marta. The active participation of citizens is presented as key to achieving a cleaner and more sustainable city, where responsibility and respect for the common environment are the norm.

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