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Atvo will look for traces of the virus on the buses: the “infected” vehicles will be sanitized

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Initiative similar to that put in place by Mom. Every week the vehicles will be sifted to look for any traces of coronavirus

ODERZO. Buffers to the Atvo buses, which also pass through Oderzo: an initiative similar to that adopted by Mom. The Eastern Veneto Transport Company has decided to implement another procedure to increase the safety level of those who use the buses , looking for traces of the virus on the vehicles and then proceeding immediately to sanitization.

«The safety of travelers, in addition to that of our collaborators, is a priority for us» said the president of Atvo, Fabio Turchetto, «for this reason we have also decided to start this procedure which allows us to give additional guarantees to users».

Atvo has therefore started the collaboration with the company “Chimicambiente” of Este, a company that has been carrying out analyzes in the environmental and materials sector for over 15 years. To date, after a few days of experimentation, no case has occurred. Not only.

A few days ago the Nas of the Carabinieri carried out specific checks (as practically done throughout Italy in the context of public transport) and everything was in order, both in the vehicles and inside the terminals. Atvo is the only company in Italy, together with Mom of Treviso, to carry out “swabs” on the buses to check for any traces of Covid-19.

The actions already implemented to protect users as much as possible are: the limitations to crowding in school buses, guaranteeing filling in line with all national and regional provisions; the daily sanitation of school buses, using a disinfectant in particular in the parts at greatest risk of contagion; daily sanitation, with a specific sanitizer, and at least weekly with an ozone machine; the supply, in the school buses, of sanitizer and spare masks in case someone forgets them; the organization of common spaces in order to maintain interpersonal distances of at least one meter.

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And finally, the vigilance on the actions of getting on and off the school buses. The drivers followed special training courses on contagion prevention. –

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