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February breezes are creeping; they start from the oak floor, shake the tree, outline its leaves and begin to travel west. They increase in intensity and are collecting everything…absolutely everything, including the stories of the region. They remind me of abject beings. The kites dance due to their intensity at that time, they spin and often fall through the broken threads. Nothing stays in the environment that does not come out in February and many of the inhabitants think that the thickness of the current is responsible. They told my father that Miguelito was stealing his milk, he was in charge of managing the farm. There he had been born. His mother worked with us all her life and who better than him to take charge of the rural trails that surrounded the farm.

That day he knew that the milk tanks were hidden in the bathroom, he arrived early and without saying anything he saw them foaming in the corner. He called Miguelito and did not let him speak, he only told him: “this is a bad example.” A week was the time necessary for him to organize his things, he did not greet the other workers and one Friday morning he left. Years later and with his eyes looking at land, he greeted him.

There is a group of individuals within society who are not forgiven for a bad example. One of them, the priests. They are the messengers of our convictions and in them we place our faith. When one of them falls, credibility is weakened and an important personal effort must be made to recover it. There are some examples that were later taken as regional anecdotes of many of them. But we noticed the effect in the church where the absence from one’s own chores became more and more noticeable.

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How about when a Master is the one who fails. It is very difficult to teach if the right example does not support what we say. Algebra or trigonometry can be taught, but what cannot be transmitted is behavior. This implies a series of precepts that can only be transmitted by demonstrating it. You don’t have to make big oratories or sentences. A single gesture teaches more than thousands of words. The masters who have fallen leave many of their disciples on the ground.

The last group is that of politicians. I feel sorry for those who, in the campaign -like the breezes of February- offer everything. They get the desired position and what is offered is carried away by the wind. What to say about those who did nothing and when they hand over the charge they have a collection of unconcealed assets and deeds which their brain needs to make visible. When they render an investigation, they arrive with a frown and their constituents lament and know that they are guilty. For several months they disguise themselves: they do not expose themselves to the media, they give opinions for third parties and they disappear from the visible map of the region. They keep making mischief and their companies getting fatter. They are experts in commissions, aces of the indicative quota and they have the confidence that they will be declared innocent to continue with the same bruise.

Trust has been lost; hope, faith and conviction that the other person will act under these criteria of solid morality. These four examples are a sample of what a bad example means and the impact they produce from where they are. We have lost the certainty of how they will act in the future and this cracks the collective morale. The irritating thing about politicians is that they are the sum of the worker, the priest and the teacher.

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What to do in a country without trust?

Diphthong: remember Dostoiewski. His wife gave him a farm, the last he had.

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