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Banco Agrario will promote more rural projects

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Banco Agrario will promote more rural projects

PRESIDENT of the banking entity, Hernando Chica Zuccardi stated that “our financial system is solid and with the capacity to assume more risks to reach more rural areas”, and invited the other banks to join efforts and move “from investment portfolios to portfolios ”, while the Minister of Agriculture Jhenifer Mojica argued that “the work of Banco Agrario and all the entities of the sector has been fundamental to give the greatest opportunities to our peasants and peasants”.

“We are already projecting ourselves to 2027, looking for more development in the Colombian countryside. We will have $67 billion, of which $45 billion goes to agriculture. We continue with the task entrusted by President Petro”, stressed the manager during the conversation.

In addition, he pointed out that “we work hand in hand with entities such as Findeter to develop projects that generate an impact on improving the quality of life of communities.”

In the same way, Zuccardi led two commercial brigades that took place in emblematic places in Cartagena such as the Plaza de la Paz and the Bazurto market square, where he had the opportunity to talk not only with the mayor of Cartagena, William Dau, but also with businessmen, producers and local authorities, in order to promote financial inclusion and the popular economy.

In development of these meetings, he delivered credits for more than $100 million to micro-entrepreneurs and merchants, in order to support the productive projects of these entrepreneurs, especially those who work for the country’s food security.

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The agenda included a commercial brigade in the municipality of San Basilio de Palenque in which Minister Mojica was present.

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