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Strive to write a new chapter of high-quality development

Source: Baoji Daily
Release time: 2022-01-21 08:42

On the afternoon of January 19, Hui Jincai, deputy to the Provincial People’s Congress and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, said when the Baoji delegation reviewed the work report of the provincial government at the sixth session of the 13th Provincial People’s Congress that the report was guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and that it was fully integrated with Xi Jinping. The General Secretary visited Shaanxi three times to inspect the important instructions and requirements of the important speech. It is a very comprehensive and pragmatic good report.

Hui Jincai said that the government work report made by Governor Zhao Yide has a high political stance, and the whole article demonstrates the firm consciousness of resolutely supporting the “two establishments” and achieving “two maintenance”; the report has a clear theme and is systematic and in-depth, emphasizing the Handle the relationship between stability and progress, the relationship between breaking and standing, the effective relationship between the government and the market, the relationship between strategic initiative and tactical precision, and fully promote the development of policy portfolios, project construction relay, and investment attraction. This year’s goals and tasks are clarified; the report highlights the people-centered development concept, and proposes measures to benefit the people, such as giving priority to employment, promoting income growth, and gradually improving the level of people’s livelihood security. It shows the mission and responsibility of the provincial government for the well-being of the people of Sanqin.

Hui Jincai said that Baoji will conscientiously study and implement the spirit of this meeting. According to Governor Zhao Yide’s work arrangement for this year, it will continue to focus on politics and always benchmark against the table; focus on projects and promote high-quality development with high-quality projects; focus on Strengthen the basics and recreate new industrial advantages; focus on opening up, better serve and integrate into the new development pattern; focus on urbanization, promote urban-rural integration development; focus on sustainability, firmly follow the path of ecological priority and green development; The people’s yearning for a better life; focusing on keeping the bottom line, coordinating development and safety; focusing on self-hardening, building a team of high-quality cadres, and striving to write a new chapter in Shaanxi’s high-quality development.

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